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Argentina Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
10 Day Classic Brazil & Argentina (Thursday Departure)10Gate1Escorted$2,049
13 Day Classic Brazil, Argentina & Chile (Thursday Departure)13Gate1Escorted$2,849
10 Day Classic Brazil & Argentina (Tuesday Departure)10Gate1Escorted$2,079
Spirit Of South America 201515GlobusEscorted$5,809
Best of South America 201513TrafalgarEscorted$4,965
Brazil, Argentina & Chile With Peru & Machu Picchu 201419Monograms (Globus)Independent$5,675
Brazil, Argentina & Chile Unveiled 201512CosmosEscorted$3,018
South American Escape 201509GlobusEscorted$3,300
The Best Of Brazil & Argentina 201509CosmosEscorted$2,370
Brazil, Argentina & Chile 201412Monograms (Globus)Independent$3,517
South American Escape 201409GlobusEscorted$3,257
Best of South America 201413TrafalgarEscorted$4,898
South America Revealed 201516TrafalgarEscorted$6,495
Brazil, Argentina & Chile Unveiled With Peru 201520CosmosEscorted$5,077
South American Selection 201509Monograms (Globus)Independent$2,380
Essence of South America 201414TauckEscorted$7,390
South American Escape With Santiago 201512GlobusEscorted$4,218
South American Escape With Santiago & Easter Island 201515GlobusEscorted$5,772
Antarctica Classic11G AdventuresSmall Ship Cruising$4,999
13 Day Classic Brazil, Argentina & Chile (Tuesday Departure)13Gate1Escorted$2,949
15 Day Classic Brazil, Argentina & Chile with Bariloche15Gate1Escorted$4,199
South American Escape With Amazon & Santiago 201516GlobusEscorted$5,728
South American Odyssey 201516GlobusEscorted$5,844
South American Odyssey 201416GlobusEscorted$5,898
Spirit Of South America With Amazon 201519GlobusEscorted$7,229
Spirit Of South America With Amazon 201419GlobusEscorted$7,328
South American Odyssey With Peru 201421GlobusEscorted$7,980
South American Odyssey With Amazon & Peru 201425GlobusEscorted$9,453
South American Odyssey With Amazon & Peru 201527GlobusEscorted$10,113
Impressions of South America 2014/201510TrafalgarEscorted$3,746
Brazil, Argentina & Chile Unveiled With Easter Island 201515CosmosEscorted$4,452
Ultimate South America 201619CosmosEscorted$5,347
Ultimate South America With Brazil's Amazon & Galapagos Cruise 201530CosmosTour & Cruise$9,825
Brazil Highlights 201406Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,743
Brazil Highlights With Salvador 201408Monograms (Globus)Independent$2,554
Grand Tour Of South America 201516Monograms (Globus)Independent$4,775
Grand Tour of South America 201416Monograms (Globus)Independent$5,069
Brazil, Argentina & Chile With Peru & Machu Picchu 201519Monograms (Globus)Independent$5,407
Brazil, Argentina & Chile With Brazil's Amazon, Peru & Machu Picchu 201522Monograms (Globus)Independent$6,847
Antarctica - BBC Earth 201513TauckSmall Ship Cruising$10,590

Learn More About Argentina Tours

South America tours that include visits to Argentina center around Buenos Aires, the county's capital. With a huge influx of French architecture throughout the city, it almost feels Parisian. In fact, with its wide boulevards and outdoor cafes, Buenos Aires is known as the "Paris of South America."

Buenos Aires is filled with varied neighborhoods, such as Recoleta with its beautiful cemetery where Eva "Evita" Peron is buried; Palermo (especially Palermo's Soho) with its many parks and gardens; and San Telmo, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods and full of tango clubs. Another must-see district is Boca, Buenos Aires' "Little Italy," full of colorful houses made of wood and corrugated tin.

On an Argentina tour, visitors can visit real working ranches in the Pampas, a day trip from Buenos Aires. Here, snap photos of the hard-working "gauchos," and enjoy a barbecue lunch. After all, Argentina is known for its delectable steak. And before you leave the country, make sure you get a chance to watch the sensuous tango - or perhaps you'd like to try it yourself!

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