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Belgium Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
Six Countries, Venice & Paris 201410CosmosEscorted$1,599
Six Countries, Venice & Paris 201510CosmosEscorted$1,659
Wonders Of Europe 201414CosmosEscorted$2,099
The Grand European 201523CosmosEscorted$3,289
European Sampler 201509GlobusEscorted$2,419
Six Countries, Venice & Paris With Extended Stay In London 201411CosmosEscorted$1,764
Wonders Of Europe 201514CosmosEscorted$2,209
Holland, Luxembourg & Belgium 201509GlobusEscorted$2,279
Continental Introduction With London 201516GlobusEscorted$3,519
European Sampler With Extended Stay In London 201510GlobusEscorted$2,799
Cosmopolitan Europe 201417CosmosEscorted$2,349
Traditional Grand European 201521GlobusEscorted$5,199
European Breakaway (Preview 2015)11InsightEscorted$3,365
Europe In Depth 201531GlobusEscorted$6,329
Holland, Luxembourg & Belgium 201409GlobusEscorted$2,099
European Whirl Preview 201515TrafalgarEscorted$3,725
Europe In Depth With Extended Stay In London 201532GlobusEscorted$6,649
Scenic Europe & Bernina Express 201411CosmosEscorted$1,919
Imperial Capitals 201516CosmosEscorted$1,999
Europe In Depth 201431GlobusEscorted$6,499
European Whirl Winter 2014/201515TrafalgarEscorted$3,199
The Best Of Europe 201418CosmosEscorted$2,775
Holland, Luxembourg & Belgium With Paris 201512GlobusEscorted$3,331
Traditional Grand European 201421GlobusEscorted$4,929
Six Countries, Venice & Paris With Extended Stay In London 201511CosmosEscorted$1,837
Cosmopolitan Europe 201517CosmosEscorted$2,475
European Breakaway (2014)11InsightEscorted$3,525
Enchanting Europe With Extended Stay In London 201514GlobusEscorted$3,799
European Whirl 201415TrafalgarEscorted$3,725
Grand European Preview 201524TrafalgarEscorted$6,250
Scenic Europe & Bernina Express 201511CosmosEscorted$1,839
Scenic Europe & Bernina Express With Extended Stay In London 201412CosmosEscorted$2,084
Cosmopolitan Europe With Extended Stay In London 201418CosmosEscorted$2,514
The Best Of Europe 201518CosmosEscorted$2,809
The Grand European With Extended Stay In London 201524CosmosEscorted$3,467
Highlights of Europe (Winter 2014-15)17InsightEscorted$4,085
10 Day Classic Amsterdam, Bruges & Paris with London10Gate1Escorted$1,649
European Sampler With Extended Stay In London 201410GlobusEscorted$2,689
Continental Introduction With London 201416GlobusEscorted$3,549
Traditional Grand European With Extended Stay In London 201422GlobusEscorted$5,269

Learn More About Belgium Tours

Beautiful Belgium is bordered by France, Germany, Luxembourg and Holland. It is a relatively small European country, and many comprehensive tours of Western Europe include at least one overnight in its cosmopolitan capital of Brussels, home to NATO and the European Union. Brussels' gothic Grand Palace is a must-see highlight, as is the statue of Manneken-Pis: a little boy peeing in a fountain, which is a testament to the Belgian sense of humor and irreverence.

Visitors on a Belgium vacation might also spend time in the northern part of the country, Flanders, which encompasses the cities of Antwerp, a port city on the Scheldt River which links to the North Sea; medieval Bruges with its network of canals; and quiet Ghent, also filled with lovely historic buildings and abbeys.

If you are a beer connoisseur, you'll love Belgium tours, since the country is home to more than 1,000 different beers! Fruit beers are popular (if not unusual), so try the cherry beer, for sure. Belgian chocolate is famous worldwide, as are Belgian waffles and chips ("fries"), often served with mayonnaise - yes, it's tough to watch your waistline when you're traveling in Belguim. For souvenirs to take home, consider shopping for pretty handmade lace, especially in Bruge - a lovely reminder of your Belgium tour.

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