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Escorted Tours

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Escorted Tours are our most popular product. Escorted tours are normally conducted by a tour director who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Escorted tours normally include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. Escorted Tours are conducted by motor-coach and usually no more than 2 nights are spent in each location visited. Escorted Tours are usually fast-paced and prices include much of the sightseeing.

Tour Itinerary Days From
St Patrick's Day (Hostel - Dublin to Dublin) (Ensuite facilities, Ends in Dublin)04$405
St. Patrick's Day (Hostel) (Ensuite facilities, Ends in London)04$455
Edinburgh Festival & Military Tattoo (Ends in London)04$489
Christmas in Amsterdam (Ends in London)04$519
New Year in Amsterdam (Ends in Amsterdam)04$565
St Patrick's Day (Hotel - Dublin to Dublin) (Ends in Dublin)04$565
New Year in Paris (Ends in Paris)04$575
Christmas in Paris (Ends in London)04$575
St. Patrick's Day (Hotel) (Ends in London)04$615
Spotlight on Greece (Ends in Athens)04$839
Vienna & Budapest05$875
Scotland (Ends in Glasgow)06$1,115
Berlin & Prague (Ends in Prague)07$1,085
London & Paris (Ends in Paris)07$1,249
Western Rocker (Ends in Paris)08$1,209
Italian Espresso (Ends in Venice)08$1,449
Best of Russia (Ends in Moscow)08$1,635
Eastern Rocker (Ends in Vienna)09$1,225
Eastern Trail (Ends in Rome)09$1,229
Italian Espresso (Winter 2014/15) (Ends in Venice)09$1,335
Berlin & Prague plus Vienna (Ends in Vienna)09$1,355
England & Scotland (Winter 2014/2015) (Ends in London)09$1,395
Greek Island Adventurer (Ends in Athens)09$1,430
London & Paris plus Amsterdam09$1,725
London & Paris plus Paris extension (Ends in Paris)10$1,515
European Magic (Winter) (Ends in Paris)10$1,555
Sziget Festival (Ends in Budapest)10$1,625
England & Scotland (Ends in London)10$1,875
Scandinavia (End Stockholm) (Ends in Stockholm)10$1,885
European Magic (Ends in Paris)10$1,905
Mediterranean Trail (Ends in Athens)10$1,975
Best of Europe (start Amsterdam) (Ends in Rome)10$2,199
Golden Fleece (incl. 7 days cruising) (Standard outside cabin with porthole, Ends in Athens)10$2,245
The Little Hopper (Ends in Rome)11$1,255
Berlin to Budapest (Ends in Budapest)11$1,545
European Horizon11$1,565
Amsterdam to Barcelona (Ends in Barcelona)11$2,275
The Escape (Ends in London)12$1,375
Simply Italy (Winter 2014/15) (Ends in Rome)12$1,815
Simply Italy (Ends in Rome)12$2,125
Russia Plus (Start Helsinki) (Ends in Berlin)12$2,379
Mediterranean Highlights (Winter 2014/15 - Start Rome) (Ends in Madrid)13$1,925
Mediterranean Highlights (Winter 2014/15 - Start Madrid) (Ends in Rome)13$1,925
European Discovery (Winter 2014/15) (Ends in Paris)13$2,019
Eastern Road (Ends in Berlin)13$2,155
Greek Island Hopping (Ends in Athens)13$2,195
Scandinavia (Ends in Helsinki)13$2,385
Scotland & Ireland (Ends in Dublin)13$2,385
Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome) (Ends in Madrid)13$2,425
Mediterranean Highlights (Start Madrid) (Ends in Rome)13$2,445
European Discovery (Ends in Paris)13$2,479
Best of Europe (start Paris) (Ends in Rome)13$2,945
Spanish Spree (Winter 2014/15) (Ends in Madrid)14$1,829
Spanish Spree (Ends in Madrid)14$2,449
Road to Rome (Ends in Rome)14$2,535
Russia Plus (Start Stockholm) (Ends in Warsaw)14$2,715
The Mini Rider (Ends in Rome)15$1,769
European Highlights15$2,185
Spotlight on Greece plus 11 Day Greek Island Hopping (Ends in Athens)15$2,889
Trail to London16$2,299
Spotlight on Greece plus 12 Day Greek Island Hopping (Ends in Athens)16$2,825
Trail to Rome (Ends in Rome)17$2,295
European Encounter (Winter 2014/15) (Ends in Paris)17$2,525
London to Rome (Ends in Rome)17$2,679
Great Britain & Ireland17$2,785
Spotlight on Greece plus 13 Day Greek Island Hopping (Ends in Athens)17$3,009
European Encounter (Ends in Paris)17$3,175
Road to Athens (Ends in Athens)18$3,195
The Easy Roller (Ends in Amsterdam)19$2,245
European Whirl (Ends in Paris)19$2,695
European Impressions (Ends in Paris)19$3,439
European Inspiration (Winter 2014/15) (Ends in Paris)20$2,899
European Inspiration (Ends in Paris)20$3,589
Mediterranean Trail plus 10 Day Greek Island Hopping (Ends in Athens)20$3,845
European Experience (Ends in Amsterdam)21$2,915
Mediterranean Trail plus 11 Day Greek Island Hopping (Ends in Athens)21$3,899
The Expedition (Ends in London)22$2,355
The Southern Trail (Ends in Athens)22$2,455
European Vista (Winter 2014/2015) (Ends in Amsterdam)22$3,175
European Spirit (Ends in Rome)22$3,235
London to Athens (Ends in Athens)22$3,465
European Vista (Ends in Amsterdam)22$3,935
Scandinavia & Russia Plus (Ends in Berlin)23$4,116
European Trail (Ends in Paris)24$3,189
Winter Wanderer (Ends in London)25$3,775
The Northern Trek (Ends in Amsterdam)26$2,919
European Escapade (Ends in Amsterdam)26$3,745
Road to Athens plus 10 Day Greek Island Hopping (Ends in Athens)28$5,355
European Panorama29$5,099
Road to Athens plus 11 Day Greek Island Hopping (Ends in Athens)29$5,145
European Contrasts plus Corfu Resort30$4,399
London to Athens plus 8 Day Greek Island Adventurer (Ends in Athens)30$4,759
European Contrasts plus Corfu Sailing30$5,015
Road to Athens plus 12 Day Greek Island Hopping (Ends in Athens)30$5,339
London to Athens plus 9 Day Greek Island Adventurer (Ends in Athens)31$5,029
The Easy Rider (Ends in Amsterdam)33$3,659
Ultimate European plus Greek Islands46$7,345
Ultimate European plus Egypt46$7,580
The Big Chill (Ends in London)47$5,065

Guided/Hosted Tours

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Guided Tours are somewhat similar to Escorted tours but passengers are greeted by a local representative rather than a Tour Director and will not be escorted to all activities and functions. Local guides will be available to answer questions through the duration of the tour. Some meals, accommodations and sightseeing may be included in your tour. This style is ideal for people who want some freedom but still have the comfort of a guide.

Tour Itinerary Days From
European Adventurer (Ends in Amsterdam)38$5,825

Independent Vacations

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These vacations usually spend 2 or 3 nights in each location visited and usually only a few locations are visited. A tour guide is normally not included, but there is a usually a host available to answer questions and suggest sightseeing. Few meals and some sightseeing are typically included, but a lot of free time to explore is available. These vacations are ideal for independent travelers looking to set their own pace.

Tour Itinerary Days From
Oktoberfest - 4 Days Camping (Start/End Munich) 04$289
Pamplona Closing Week (Start/End Pamplona)04$345
Pamplona Middle Week (Start/End Pamplona)04$345
Pamplona Opening Week (Start/End Pamplona)05$459
Oktoberfest - 5 Days Camping (Start/End London)05$485
London Explorer - 5 Day (Royal National Hotel)05$635
Hogmanay New Year (5 Day Start Edinburgh) (Ends in Edinburgh)05$640
Hogmanay New Year (5 Day Start London) (Ends in London)05$755
Oktoberfest - 5 Days Hostel (Start/End Munich) 05$795
Bilbao BBK Live (Ends in Bilbao)05$815
Oktoberfest - 6 Days Camping (Start/End Munich)06$415
Oktoberfest - 6 Days Hostel (Start/End Munich)06$615
Pamplona & Bilbao BBK Live (Hotel) (Ends in Bilbao)06$815
Oktoberfest - 6 Days Hotel (Start/End Munich) 06$935
Oktoberfest - 6 Days Hotel (Start/End London)06$945
Oktoberfest - 7 Days Camping (Start/End London) 07$615
Pamplona Opening Week (Start/End London)07$635
Oktoberfest - 7 Days Hostel (Start/End London) 07$805
Austria Ski Only (meet us there) - Winter07$964
Oktoberfest - 7 Days Hotel (Start/End London) 07$1,075
Pamplona & Bilbao BBK Live (Start/End London)08$805
Austria Ski Plus (coach from London) - 1 week (Quad share room, Ends in London)09$795
Austria Ski Only (meet us there) - 2 weeks (Twin share room, Ends in Hopfgarten)14$1,664
Austria Ski Plus (coach from London) - 2 weeks (Twin share room, Ends in London)16$1,355

Small Ship Cruisings

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Small ship cruises take travelers where big ships simply cannot, such as to the exotic Galapagos Islands, where colorful birds and reptiles make their home in this remote location. Small ships also visit "mainstream" locales, such as the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii and the Mediterranean¦ but because the ships are able to maneuver in small coves and channels, they can dock at more intimate ports, making for a fascinating travel experience.

Tour Itinerary Days From
Croatian Island Hopper North (Start Dubrovnik) (Below deck cabin, Ends in Split)08$1,489
Croatian Island Cruising (Below deck cabin, Ends in Split)09$1,245
Croatian Island Hopper South (Start Split) (Below deck cabin, Ends in Dubrovnik)09$1,595