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Poland Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
The Best Of Eastern Europe 201514GlobusEscorted$3,039
Central Europe 201415CosmosEscorted$1,899
The Best Of Eastern Europe 201414GlobusEscorted$2,889
Highlights of Eastern Europe Preview 201518TrafalgarEscorted$3,899
Central Europe 201515CosmosEscorted$1,899
Highlights of Eastern Europe (2014)15InsightEscorted$3,765
Highlights of Poland (Preview 2015)12InsightEscorted$2,485
15 Day Kaleidoscope of Central Europe (Thursday Departure)15Gate1Escorted$2,349
Highlights of Poland (2014)11InsightEscorted$2,525
Jewels Of The Baltics & Scandinavia 201416CosmosEscorted$2,659
Jewels Of The Baltics & Scandinavia 201516CosmosEscorted$2,699
2014 - 13 Day Eastern European Panorama 13 days/12 nights13CIEEscorted$2,534
From Warsaw To Amsterdam 201511CosmosEscorted$1,579
2014 - 9 Day Vienna to Warsaw09CIEEscorted$1,755
2014 - 13 Day The Best Of Russia, Baltic States & Warsaw13CIEEscorted$2,907
Highlights of Bohemia 201416TrafalgarEscorted$2,350
Highlights of Eastern Europe 201418TrafalgarEscorted$3,925
Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna & Prague 201414TauckEscorted$5,290
Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna & Prague 201514TauckEscorted$5,790
13 Day Kaleidoscope of Central Europe (Thursday Departure)13Gate1Escorted$1,899
13 Day Kaleidoscope of Central Europe (Saturday Departure)13Gate1Escorted$1,999
Legacy Of Pope Saint John Paul II - Faith-based Travel 201508GlobusEscorted$1,989
Cossack Explorer 201417TrafalgarEscorted$3,025
Bohemian Highlights 201416TrafalgarEscorted$3,425
2014 - 9 Day Warsaw To Vienna09CIEEscorted$1,702
2014 - 17 Day Moscow To Baltic States, Poland & Prague17CIEEscorted$3,599
2014 - 19 Day Moscow To Baltic States, Poland, Prague & Vienna19CIEEscorted$3,678
12 Day Classic Baltics with Krakow12Gate1Escorted$1,749
14 Day Danube River Cruise with Warsaw, Krakow & Budapest - Budapest to Nuremberg (Sound of Music)14Gate1River Cruise$2,499
19 Day Danube River Cruise with Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Prague, Dresden & Berlin - Budapest to Nuremberg (Sound of Music)19Gate1River Cruise$3,499
Bohemian Highlights Preview 201516TrafalgarEscorted$3,425
Treasures of Eastern Europe (Preview 2015)14InsightEscorted$3,250
Treasures of Eastern Europe (2014)14InsightEscorted$3,285
Russia, Warsaw & the Baltic States (2015)15InsightEscorted$3,750
Northern Capitals & Russia (2015)19InsightEscorted$5,275
Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna & Prague - Honoring the Jewish Heritage 201514TauckEscorted$5,990
12 Day Classic Baltics with Krakow12Gate1Escorted$1,649
17 Day Danube River Cruise with Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest & Prague - Budapest to Nuremberg (Sound of Music)17Gate1River Cruise$3,399
Highlights of Bohemia 201416BrendanEscorted$2,350
Bohemian Highlights 201416BrendanEscorted$3,425

Learn More About Poland Tours

Two important overnight stops on any Poland tour are Warsaw and Krakow. Spanning the Vistula River, Poland's capital Warsaw was almost completely destroyed during World War II. After careful, and lengthy, reconstruction, its Old Town was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With more than 20 museums within city limits, Warsaw is a hugely important cultural center. One of the most fascinating museums is the Warsaw Historical Museum, with a moving film showing the city before and after wartime destruction.

Krakow is also on the banks of the Vistula River, but far to the south in the foothills of the Tatra Mountains. Unlike Warsaw, it largely escaped destruction during World War II. Sightseeing highlights include Market Square, with its Cloth Hall, which was reconstructed in the 1800s from 14th-century merchants' stalls. It is truly a unique place to visit and a must-see on your Poland vacation! Two other ancient sites here: Jagiellonian University, founded in 1364, and the Old Synagogue, dating back to 1557 and one of the oldest synagogues in the world.

Eat like the locals do on your Poland tour by sampling bigos, made with sauerkraut, cabbage, onions and just about any kind of meat. Rich, thick soups are also common, especially one made with beets. You'll also find herring and other fish on restaurant menus, as well as sausage and pig's knuckles. Like its neighbor Russia, vodka is the national drink of Poland.

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