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Slovenia Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
Jewels Of Slovenia & Croatia 201408CosmosEscorted$1,399
Highlights of Eastern Europe 201418TrafalgarEscorted$3,925
2014 - 11 Day Bosnia, Croatia & Slovenia11CIEEscorted$2,064
2014 - 9 Day Dalmatian Sunshine Tour09CIEEscorted$1,870
Europe In Depth 201531GlobusEscorted$6,039
2014 - 11 Day Dubrovnik To Venice11CIEEscorted$2,598
Highlights of Eastern Europe Preview 201518TrafalgarEscorted$3,899
East Meets West 201414GlobusEscorted$3,189
From Vienna To Istanbul 201415GlobusEscorted$3,419
Europe In Depth With Extended Stay In London 201532GlobusEscorted$6,339
10 Day Croatia & Slovenia10Gate1Escorted$1,849
Jewels Of Slovenia & Croatia 201508CosmosEscorted$1,469
East Meets West 201514GlobusEscorted$3,348
From Vienna To Istanbul With Aegean Cruise 201422GlobusTour & Cruise$4,847
Europe In Depth 201431GlobusEscorted$6,499
Europe In Depth With Extended Stay In London 201432GlobusEscorted$6,799
The Balkans and Venice 201414TrafalgarEscorted$3,375
Highlights of Austria Slovenia and Croatia 201415TrafalgarEscorted$4,085
Imperial Capitals and the Dalmatian Riviera 201416InsightEscorted$3,865
Highlights of Austria Slovenia and Croatia Preview 201515TrafalgarEscorted$3,750
2014 - 14 Day Zagreb to Venice14CIEEscorted$3,015
11 Day Affordable Croatia & Slovenia (Sunday Departure)11Gate1Escorted$1,029
11 Day Affordable Croatia & Slovenia (Thursday Departure)11Gate1Escorted$999
European Treasures and Cruise Superior (2014)22InsightTour & Cruise$5,799
European Classic - Premium Cabin (2014)21InsightTour & Cruise$7,076
European Heritage - Superior Cabin (2014)36InsightTour & Cruise$11,206
European Heritage and Cruise Premium and Eurostar Package (2014)37InsightTour & Cruise$11,816
Highlights of Austria, Slovenia & Croatia 201415BrendanEscorted$4,085
15 Day Croatia, Bosnia & Slovenia with Venice15Gate1Escorted$2,999
The Balkans and Venice 201414BrendanEscorted$3,375
12 Day Albania, Montenegro, Croatia & Slovenia12Gate1Escorted$1,899
12 Day Serbia, Croatia & Slovenia12Gate1Escorted$2,349
12 Day Croatia & Slovenia with Venice12Gate1Escorted$2,599
Dalmatian Isles, Croatia & Slovenia14DiscoveryEscorted$3,029
12 Day Affordable Croatia &Slovenia (Thursday Departure)12Gate1Escorted$1,199
13 Day Affordable Croatia & Slovenia with Venice (Sunday Departure)13Gate1Escorted$1,449
Dalmatian Isles, Croatia & Slovenia14DiscoveryEscorted$2,749
12 Day Affordable Croatia & Slovenia (Sunday Departure)12Gate1Escorted$1,249
13 Day Affordable Croatia & Slovenia with Venice (Thursday Departure)13Gate1Escorted$1,499
Trail to Rome (Ends in Rome)17ContikiEscorted$2,475