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Greece Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
Italy & Greece 201512CosmosEscorted$1,929
Classical Greece 201508GlobusEscorted$1,499
Greek Island Hopper 201510GlobusTour & Cruise$2,049
Best of Greece 201409TrafalgarEscorted$1,699
Best of Greece Winter 2014/201509TrafalgarEscorted$1,425
European Masterpiece 201529CosmosEscorted$4,339
Best of Greece Preview 201509TrafalgarEscorted$1,699
Greek Island Explorer 201411TrafalgarEscorted$1,799
Glories of Greece (Winter 2014-15)08InsightEscorted$1,550
Italy & Greece 201412CosmosEscorted$2,019
Classical Greece With Iconic Aegean 4-Night Cruise 201413GlobusTour & Cruise$2,243
7 Day Athens with 3 Day Aegean Cruise07Gate1Tour & Cruise$839
Italy & Greece With Aegean Cruise 201516CosmosTour & Cruise$2,479
Best Of Greece Plus 4 Day Aegean Cruise Moderate Preview 201514TrafalgarTour & Cruise$2,547
The Best Of Greece 201410CosmosEscorted$1,399
Greece & The Aegean 201515CosmosTour & Cruise$2,219
Iconic Aegean with 4-Night Cruise 201408GlobusTour & Cruise$1,323
The Best Of Greece 201510CosmosEscorted$1,449
Ancient Lands Moderate Preview 201509TrafalgarTour & Cruise$1,562
Greek Island Hopper 201411TrafalgarEscorted$2,225
European Masterpiece 201429CosmosEscorted$4,125
Greece & The Aegean 201415CosmosTour & Cruise$2,065
10 Day Greek Islander: Santorini, Mykonos & Athens (Monday Departure)10Gate1Independent$979
Best of Greece Plus 3 Day Aegean Cruise Moderate Preview 201513TrafalgarTour & Cruise$2,154
Iconic Aegean with 3-Night Cruise 201407GlobusTour & Cruise$1,221
Iconic Aegean with 7-Night Cruise 201411GlobusTour & Cruise$1,807
Grecian Legends - Superior Cabin (Preview 2015)12InsightTour & Cruise$2,454
Greece & The Aegean In Outside Stateroom 201515CosmosTour & Cruise$2,349
Athens and Aegean Moderate Preview 201509TrafalgarTour & Cruise$1,480
Best Of Greece Plus 4 Day Aegean Cruise Premium 201414TrafalgarTour & Cruise$2,987
Classical Greece With Iconic Aegean 7-Night Cruise 201416GlobusTour & Cruise$2,707
Mediterranean Dreams - Superior Cabin (Preview 2015)09InsightTour & Cruise$1,675
Greek Odyssey 201408CosmosEscorted$1,159
Italy & Greece With Aegean Cruise 201416CosmosTour & Cruise$2,489
Highlights Of Turkey 7 Day Aegean Cruise Moderate Preview 2015 [Not on Site]17TrafalgarTour & Cruise$3,311
Classical Greece with Iconic Aegean 3-Night Cruise 201412GlobusTour & Cruise$2,091
From Vienna To Istanbul With Aegean Cruise 201522GlobusTour & Cruise$5,004
Glories of Greece (2014)08InsightEscorted$1,799
12 Day Classic Greece with 4 Day Aegean Cruise12Gate1Tour & Cruise$1,599
London to Athens plus 8 Day Greek Island Adventurer (Ends in Athens)30ContikiEscorted$4,835

Learn More About Greece Tours

On Greece tours, you not only enjoy the wonderful warmth that comes from vacationing in a Mediterranean climate, but you experience the warmth of the Greek people, so proud of their rich heritage and traditions. The birthplace of so many things we might take for granted in the Western world, such as modern-day democracy, theater, even the Olympics, Greece has an undeniably important history.

Greece vacations typically combine a stay on the mainland - after all, Athens has an international airport -- as well as visits to its enchanting islands. Athens, recorded history dates back 3,000 years, so naturally this capital city is a treasure trove of historically and culturally significant ruins. The most important architectural sightseeing stop is the Acropolis, with its famous Parthenon, which was built in honor of the goddess Athena between 447 and 438 B.C.

The most popular Greek islands for visitors include Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes. From ancient archaeological sites to the plethora of beaches, active volcanoes to white adobe architecture hugging seaside cliffs, the islands of Greece beckon visitors with so much to see and do.

But wherever you spend your Greece tour, be sure to seek out some of the savory cuisine. Seafood dishes reign supreme, and there is also the ubiquitous "Greek salad," made with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese and olives, as well as tzatiki, a cucumber-yogurt dip served with bread. The national liquor is ouzo, a licorice-flavored drink, and wine is drunk with most meals here. Wine is relatively inexpensive, so have fun sampling some of the locally produced varieties!

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