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Guatemala Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
Natural Wonders Of Costa Rica With Guatemala 201513GlobusEscorted$2,975
Natural Wonders Of Costa Rica With Guatemala & Manuel Antonio 201515GlobusEscorted$3,405
Natural Wonders Of Costa Rica With Guatemala 201613GlobusEscorted$3,145
Natural Wonders Of Costa Rica With Guatemala & Guanacaste 201515GlobusEscorted$3,315
Natural Wonders Of Costa Rica With Guatemala & Guanacaste 201615GlobusEscorted$3,585
Natural Wonders Of Costa Rica With Guatemala & Manuel Antonio 201615GlobusEscorted$3,645
Colors Of Guatemala 201506Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,399
Colors Of Guatemala With Tikal 201507Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,837
Mayan Encounter11G AdventuresEscorted$1,199
Belize & Tikal Adventure 2015/1615G AdventuresEscorted$1,709
Mayan Adventure22G AdventuresEscorted$2,549
Colors Of Guatemala 201606Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,499
Colors Of Guatemala With Copan 201507Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,739
DO NOT BOOK 201607Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,869
Colors Of Guatemala With Tikal 201607Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,937
Colors Of Guatemala With Tikal & Copan 201508Monograms (Globus)Independent$2,177
Colors Of Guatemala With Tikal & Copan 201608Monograms (Globus)Independent$2,307
11 Day Kaleidoscope of Guatemala & Honduras11Gate1Escorted$1,649
Mayan Sun - Northbound16G AdventuresEscorted$1,104
Mayan Trail12G AdventuresEscorted$1,349
Semana Santa - Easter in Guatemala 201510G AdventuresEscorted$1,599
Best of Central America33G AdventuresEscorted$2,899
5 Day Classic Guatemala05Gate1Escorted$329
Mayan Encounter12G AdventuresEscorted$1,199
Mayan Sun - Southbound16G AdventuresEscorted$1,299
Mayan Sun–Southbound16G AdventuresEscorted$1,299
Mayan Sun–Northbound16G AdventuresEscorted$1,299
Mayan Trail11G AdventuresEscorted$1,399
Volcano Trail17G AdventuresEscorted$1,599
Backroads of Central America18G AdventuresEscorted$1,649
Backroads of Central America18G AdventuresEscorted$1,649
Mayan Discovery15G AdventuresEscorted$1,699
Belize & Tikal Adventure15G AdventuresEscorted$1,799
Central America Explorer14G AdventuresEscorted$2,199
Central America Explorer14G AdventuresEscorted$2,199
Volcano Adventure - San Jose to Antigua21G AdventuresEscorted$2,499
Mayan Adventure22G AdventuresEscorted$2,549
Volcano Adventure – San José to Antigua 2015/1621G AdventuresEscorted$2,599
Central American Journey32G AdventuresEscorted$2,699
5 Day Classic Guatemala05Gate1Escorted$349

Learn More About Guatemala Tours

Guatemala is a diverse country, bordered by Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. Its landscape is a mix of heavily forested hills, tropical rainforest and coastline - both on the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. You'll find some of Central America's most intriguing Maya archeological sites on a Guatemala tour.

For example, most Guatemala tours visit Tikal in the northeast part of the country; here you'll find magnificent Maya ruins, encompassing vast pyramidal temples, ball courts, plazas and public buildings that extend over six miles. The site features more than 3,000 structures, but many more are buried under dense jungle.

Visitors to Guatemala fly in and out of Guatemala City, the primary urban center of the country. Here, you'll find plenty of colonial buildings and opportunities to shop for Guatemalan souvenirs; browse for items to take back home in Zona Vida, a vibrant entertainment area. Nearby is Antigua, the former capital of Guatemala. A popular tourist destination, this town is a lovely place of tropical gardens, fountains and cobbled streets. Still other favorite locales on a Guatemala vacation include Chichicastenango, with its lively marketplace and 400-year-old church, and Lake Atitlan, surrounded by three volcanoes.

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