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Hawaii Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
Oahu & Maui 201407GlobusIndependent$1,104
Best Of The Hawaiian Islands 201410GlobusEscorted$3,037
Grand Hawaii Vacation 201413GlobusEscorted$3,971
Oahu, Maui, Kauai & Kona 201413GlobusIndependent$1,834
10 Day Three Islander 201410PerilloEscorted$3,359
Oahu, Maui & Kauai 201410GlobusIndependent$1,489
Best Of The Hawaiian Islands 201510GlobusEscorted$3,137
Splendors Of The Hawaiian Islands 201413CosmosEscorted$2,509
Grand Hawaii Vacation 201513GlobusEscorted$4,101
Best of Hawaii Moderate 2014/201510TrafalgarEscorted$2,950
7 Day Two Islander 201407PerilloEscorted$2,359
Oahu, Maui, Kauai & Kona 201513GlobusIndependent$2,094
Oahu & Maui With Extended Stay In Maui 201409GlobusIndependent$1,464
Cruising Hawaii's Paradise With Sheraton Princess Kaiulani 201411GlobusTour & Cruise$2,339
Cruising Hawaii's Paradise With Sheraton Waikiki 201411GlobusTour & Cruise$2,489
Cruising Hawaii's Paradise With Sheraton Princess Kaiulani 201511GlobusTour & Cruise$2,509
Hawaiian Explorer First Class 2014/201508TrafalgarEscorted$2,750
Hawaiian Explorer Premier 2014/201508TrafalgarEscorted$3,095
Best of Hawaii First Class 2014/201510TrafalgarEscorted$3,195
Best of Hawaii Premier 2014/201510TrafalgarEscorted$3,550
The Best of Hawaii 201412TauckEscorted$5,390
Splendors Of The Hawaiian Islands 201513CosmosEscorted$2,629
Oahu & Maui 201507GlobusIndependent$1,174
Oahu & Maui With Extended Stay In Maui 201509GlobusIndependent$1,574
Oahu, Maui & Kauai 201510GlobusIndependent$1,729
Cruising Hawaii's Paradise With Sheraton Waikiki 201511GlobusTour & Cruise$2,659
Hawaiian Dreams (Summer 2014)10InsightEscorted$4,450
Hawaiian Explorer Moderate 2014/201508TrafalgarEscorted$2,595
Aloha Hawaii 201409TrafalgarEscorted$3,225
Hawaiian Discovery Moderate 201411TrafalgarEscorted$3,395
Hawaii Four Island Adventure Moderate 201413TrafalgarEscorted$3,750
Hawaiian Dreams with Kauai (Summer 2014)12InsightEscorted$5,425
Hawaiian Discovery First Class 201411TrafalgarEscorted$3,595
Hawaiian Discovery Premier 201411TrafalgarEscorted$3,925
Hawaii Four Island Adventure First Class 201413TrafalgarEscorted$3,995
Hawaii Four Island Adventure Premier 201413TrafalgarEscorted$4,395
Hawaiian Explorer (Moderate) 2014/201508BrendanEscorted$2,595
Hawaiian Explorer (First Class) 2014/201508BrendanEscorted$2,750
Best of Hawaii (Moderate) 2014/201510BrendanEscorted$2,950
Hawaiian Explorer (Premier) 2014/201508BrendanEscorted$3,095

Learn More About Hawaii Tours

Hawaii is an incredibly magical place - home to not only gorgeous sunsets, white-sand beaches and swaying palm trees, but also the friendly Aloha spirit. Each island has its own personality, and you can get a taste of the four main ones on a Hawaii tour.

Oahu is home to the state's capital city, Honolulu. Here you'll find the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor and Waikiki Beach, the island's best-known tourist area, with a two-mile strip of white-sand beach and a boardwalk with retailers, restaurants and hotels. Watch the surfers take to the waves, the same way pioneers of the sport, like Duke Kahanamoku, did in the early 1900's.

Pretty Kauai is called The Garden Isle because of its lush, green vegetation. Attractions here include Waimea Canyon, known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," and the Fern Grotto, an unusual cave formation that you reach by boat. The northwest Na Pali coast is accessible only by hiking trail or from the ocean via boat.

The Big Island is all about black-sand beaches and volcanic rock. A highlight of your Hawaii vacation here is a drive through Volcanoes National Park. Wear rugged shoes to hike over the hardened lava, and stop by the visitors' center to get an update on lava flow-yes, you can actually see molten lava flowing.

Maui is full of natural beauty and fun activities. The great humpback whales pass by the island as part of their annual migratory trip, so if you travel here between December and March, be sure to book a whale-watching tour. The old whaling port of Lahaina, with its shops, boutiques and historic sites, is a nice place to spend the day. The Road to Hana is not for the faint of heart-it's a winding, 52-mile drive through amazing, breathtaking scenery you may see only once in lifetime. Other fun adventures are bike riding down Haleakala Crater and snorkeling off of Molokini.

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