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Ireland Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
2014 Taste of Ireland (Tour D)- 7 Days/6 Nights07CIEEscorted$948
2014 Taste of Scotland & Ireland - 10 days/9 Nights10CIEEscorted$1,698
2014 Independent Irish Spirit - 8 Days/7 Nights08CIEIndependent$716
2014 Taste of Ireland (Tour B)- 6 Days/5 Nights06CIEEscorted$818
Essential Britain & Ireland 201410GlobusEscorted$2,099
Britain and Ireland Delight 201411TrafalgarEscorted$1,699
2014 Irish Adventure - 8 Days/7 Nights08CIEEscorted$1,078
Introduction To Ireland 201507GlobusEscorted$1,169
2014 Taste of Ireland (Tour A)- 5 Days/4 Nights05CIEEscorted$688
The Best Of Britain & Ireland 201415CosmosEscorted$2,069
2014 Taste of Ireland (Tour A)- 5 Days/4 Nights05CIEEscorted$688
Essential Britain & Ireland 201510GlobusEscorted$1,983
2014 Irish Adventure - 9 Days/8 Nights09CIEEscorted$1,238
Britain & Ireland In Depth 201525GlobusEscorted$4,514
Best of Ireland and Scotland 201416TrafalgarEscorted$3,475
2014 Taste of Scotland & Ireland - 11 days/10 Nights11CIEEscorted$1,830
Focus on Ireland (2014)09InsightEscorted$1,899
2014 Irish Spirit - 8 Days/7 Nights08CIEEscorted$1,068
Introduction To Ireland 201407GlobusEscorted$1,229
The Best Of The British Isles 201420GlobusEscorted$3,809
2014 Irish Odyssey - 12 Days/11 Nights12CIEEscorted$1,695
2014 Irish Classic - 12 Days/11 Nights12CIEEscorted$1,898
Irish Highlights Preview 201508TrafalgarEscorted$1,675
Best of Ireland Preview 201511TrafalgarEscorted$2,275
Emerald Isle 201510GlobusEscorted$1,941
Highlights Of Britain & Ireland 201415GlobusEscorted$3,029
The Best Of The British Isles 201520GlobusEscorted$3,674
2015 Taste of Scotland & Ireland - 10 days/9 Nights10CIEEscorted$1,798
Best of Ireland 201411TrafalgarEscorted$2,350
Britain and Ireland Highlights 201411TrafalgarEscorted$2,350
From The Shannon To The Thames 201513GlobusEscorted$2,750
2014 Taste of Ireland (Tour C)- 6 Days/5 Nights06CIEEscorted$858
A Taste Of Ireland 201406CosmosEscorted$1,039
Wales & Ireland 201409CosmosEscorted$1,449
Irish Explorer 201409CosmosEscorted$1,349
Irish Highlights 201408TrafalgarEscorted$1,699
Emerald Isle 201410GlobusEscorted$1,959
Celtic Highlights 201513GlobusEscorted$2,771
2014 Irish Legends - 10 Days/9 Nights10CIEEscorted$1,668
2014 Taste of Wales & Ireland 10 day/9 night coach tour10CIEEscorted$1,678

Learn More About Ireland Tours

Ireland may occupy a relatively small space in the world (it's about the same geographic size as the state of Indiana), but it's a giant when it comes to splendid scenery, rich heritage, magnificent castles and fascinating folklore. The island is politically divided into two countries: the sovereign Republic of Ireland (which is typically known as simply "Ireland") and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom.

An Ireland tour usually includes at least one overnight in the capital city of Dublin, where its many important sights include St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Trinity College, and O'Connell Street, one of the widest thoroughfares in Europe. Beer aficionados won't want to miss a visit to the Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate, where the dark brew was created more than 250 years ago.

Magnificent vistas of green mountains, lakes, valleys, harbors, and cliffs unfold once you leave the cosmopolitan city of Dublin. For example, on the western coast near Killarney, you'll find the Lakes of Killarney and a popular lookout called "Ladies View." This is where Queen Victoria's ladies-in-waiting stopped during a royal visit in 1861. The ladies were so enraptured with the vistas, the spot was named after them.

Further north, also on the west coast of the island are the Cliffs of Moher, rising nearly 700 feet from the Atlantic Ocean and a magnificent spot to visit on your Ireland vacation. From here it's a gorgeous panorama down the Clare Coast. Watch your step as you walk along the cliff's edge--there are few guardrails here!

Shoppers will want to stop in the southeastern coastal town of Waterford to visit the world-famous Waterford Crystal Factory. And there are plenty of other places in the country's out-of-the-way villages and larger cities to browse for traditional Irish handicrafts, pottery and woolen goods to bring home as souvenirs from your destination tour of Ireland.

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