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Mexico Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
05Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,149
16G AdventuresEscorted$1,299
11G AdventuresEscorted$1,399
33G AdventuresEscorted$2,979
05Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,229
06Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,419
09Monograms (Globus)Independent$2,099
05Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,329
06Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,399
06Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,549
08Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,729
08Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,849
08Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,919
09Monograms (Globus)Independent$1,919
09Monograms (Globus)Independent$2,139
16G AdventuresEscorted$974
07G AdventuresEscorted$1,099
15G AdventuresEscorted$1,199
09G AdventuresEscorted$1,249
10G AdventuresEscorted$1,399
10G AdventuresEscorted$1,599
15G AdventuresEscorted$1,699
22G AdventuresEscorted$2,549
32G AdventuresEscorted$2,699

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Mexico is an exotic world of volcanoes, rainforests, jungles and pyramids. While its coastal resorts and sunny beaches are world-famous, many Mexico tours focus on its archeological sites and interior cities, full of culture, history and lively festivals.

For example, some Mexico tours highlight Chichen Itza, Maya ruins that include massive El Castillo, "the castle" which is a step pyramid, as well as an ancient ball court. Many of the buildings and temples have been preserved, and they offer incredible insight into the Maya who lived here between 600 and 900 A.D.

Mexico's favorite colonial cities include its capital, Mexico City, which is a treasure-trove of museums highlighting the country's history. Highlights here are the main square (Zocalo), the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace. The entire towns of San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which protect their gorgeous colonial-era architecture.

Finally, you might consider a Copper Canyon rail trip for your next Mexico vacation. This itinerary typically combines some driving time - through fascinating places like the Valley of the Mushrooms and stops in towns like Divisadero, Chihuahua and Creel - with a train trip through the massive canyon and its steep chasms.

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