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New Zealand Tours

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New Zealand

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
Australia and New Zealand Panorama 201415TrafalgarEscorted$4,025
Contrasts of New Zealand 201412TrafalgarEscorted$2,925
Contrasts of Australia and New Zealand 201419TrafalgarEscorted$5,325
Great Adventure Down Under 201527GlobusEscorted$13,924
Highlights of Australia and New Zealand 201424TrafalgarEscorted$7,225
New Zealand Splendor 201417TrafalgarEscorted$4,650
Down Under Discovery 201419GlobusEscorted$8,795
Australian Escape With Queenstown 201413GlobusIndependent$4,604
Grand Australia & New Zealand 201420TauckEscorted$10,990
Grand Australia & New Zealand 201520TauckEscorted$11,690
Down Under Discovery 201519GlobusEscorted$9,345
Journey Down Under With Queenstown & Rotorua 201416GlobusIndependent$6,979
Best Of Australia With Queenstown & Rotorua 201419GlobusIndependent$7,827
Southern Australia Explorer With Cairns, Queenstown & Fiji 201422GlobusIndependent$8,027
Down Under Discovery With Fiji 201422GlobusEscorted$10,242
Down Under Discovery With Fiji 201522GlobusEscorted$10,832
Great Adventure Down Under 201427GlobusEscorted$13,244
Great Adventure Down Under With Fiji 201530GlobusEscorted$15,411
Best of New Zealand 201420TrafalgarEscorted$5,550
Australian Escape With Queenstown & Rotorua 201416GlobusIndependent$5,703
Best Of Australia With Adelaide, Queenstown & Rotorua 201422GlobusIndependent$9,264
Southern Australia Explorer With Cairns, Queenstown, Rotorua & Fiji 201525GlobusIndependent$9,646
Southern Spectacular 201412TrafalgarEscorted$3,175
Journey Down Under With Queenstown 201513GlobusIndependent$6,170
Australian Escape With Queenstown & Fiji 201516GlobusIndependent$6,381
Journey Down Under With Queenstown & Fiji 201416GlobusIndependent$7,327
Southern Australia Explorer With Cairns, Queenstown & Rotorua 201422GlobusIndependent$7,679
Best of Australia With Queenstown & Rotorua 201519GlobusIndependent$8,237
Journey Down Under With Queenstown, Rotorua & Fiji 201519GlobusIndependent$8,846
Wonders Of Australia With Hobart, Adelaide & Fiji 201424GlobusIndependent$9,964
Highlights of New Zealand15G AdventuresEscorted$3,749
Australian Escape With Queenstown 201513GlobusIndependent$4,884
Southern Australia Explorer With Queenstown 201416GlobusIndependent$5,746
Journey Down Under With Queenstown 201413GlobusIndependent$5,870
Australian Escape With Queenstown & Rotorua 201516GlobusIndependent$6,053
Australian Escape With Queenstown & Fiji 201416GlobusIndependent$6,061
Southern Australia Explorer With Queenstown 201516GlobusIndependent$6,116
Australian Escape With Adelaide & Queenstown 201416GlobusIndependent$6,433
Southern Australia Explorer With Cairns & Queenstown 201419GlobusIndependent$6,570
Best Of Australia With Queenstown 201416GlobusIndependent$6,718

Learn More About New Zealand Tours

View amazing scenery and rugged landscape on a New Zealand tour. You can visit this majestic country on its own, or combine it with a trip to neighbor Australia. Either way, here is a peek at what you might experience in New Zealand, which is made up of two distinct islands.

In the north, Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. Interestingly, it has the highest population of Polynesian residents anywhere in the world. Situated on an isthmus between two harbors, it is known as the City of Sails. Most visitors on a New Zealand tour have the opportunity to ascend Mount Eden, an extinct volcano, for magnificent views of the city and the coast.

In the resort area of Rotorua, also on the North Island, consider soaking in one of the geothermal pools. Here you can learn about the Maori, the native people of New Zealand. On your New Zealand vacation, you can also watch a cultural show and enjoy a hangi dinner, made up of foods cooked by thermal heat in an underground pit.

Queenstown is a hugely popular high-alpine town in southern New Zealand, with looming mountains as well as sparkling lakes. If you appreciate exhilarating adventure on your New Zealand tour, take a jetboat ride along the scenic rivers. Or if you really want an adrenaline rush, consider sky diving, rock climbing, bungee jumping or heli skiing in what is known as the Adventure Capital of the World. More leisurely pursuits include shopping, wine tasting and dining in world-class restaurants.

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