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Scotland Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
Essential Britain & Ireland 201510GlobusEscorted$2,119
2015 Taste of Scotland & Ireland - 10 days/9 Nights10CIEEscorted$1,737
Britain Sampler 201509GlobusEscorted$1,529
Grand Tour Of Britain & Ireland 201518CosmosEscorted$2,429
The Best Of The British Isles 201520GlobusEscorted$4,149
Essential Britain 201512GlobusEscorted$2,499
Highlights Of Britain & Ireland 201515GlobusEscorted$3,149
Best of Ireland and Scotland Preview 201516TrafalgarEscorted$3,450
Britain and Ireland Highlights Preview 201511TrafalgarEscorted$2,325
Bonnie Scotland 201507GlobusEscorted$1,829
2015 Taste of Scotland & Ireland - 11 days/10 Nights11CIEEscorted$1,870
Britain & Ireland In Depth 201525GlobusEscorted$5,099
2014 Taste of Scotland & Ireland - 10 days/9 Nights10CIEEscorted$1,698
England, Scotland & Wales 201513CosmosEscorted$1,979
Essential Britain & Ireland 201410GlobusEscorted$2,099
Scottish Highlands & Islands 201514GlobusEscorted$3,379
The Best Of Britain & Ireland 201515CosmosEscorted$2,189
Britain Sampler 201409GlobusEscorted$1,419
British Panorama 201409CosmosEscorted$999
Celtic Highlights 201513GlobusEscorted$2,999
2015 British & Irish Voyager - 14 Days/13 Nights14CIEEscorted$2,986
Amazing Britain Preview 201511TrafalgarEscorted$1,899
2015 British and Irish Elegance 11 day/10 night tour11CIEEscorted$2,675
Britain and Ireland Panorama Preview 201520TrafalgarEscorted$4,125
From The Shannon To The Thames 201513GlobusEscorted$2,949
England, Scotland & Wales 201413CosmosEscorted$1,985
2015 Scots Irish Tour & More- 14 Days/13 Nights14CIEEscorted$2,746
2015 Scottish Dream - 9 Days/8 Nights09CIEEscorted$1,898
The British Isles In Depth 201524CosmosEscorted$3,309
2014 Scottish Dream - 8 Days/7 Nights08CIEEscorted$1,598
Best of Scotland Preview 201508TrafalgarEscorted$1,825
Wonders of Britain and Ireland Preview 201517TrafalgarEscorted$3,535
Bonnie Scotland 201407GlobusEscorted$1,509
Essential Britain & Ireland With Paris 201513GlobusEscorted$3,315
Best of Ireland & Scotland (Preview 2015)15InsightEscorted$3,650
British Panorama 201509CosmosEscorted$1,329
2014 Taste of Scotland - 6 days/5 Nights06CIEEscorted$958
2014 Taste of Scotland & Ireland - 11 days/10 Nights11CIEEscorted$1,830
Amazing Britain 201411TrafalgarEscorted$2,275
Best of Britain Preview 201515TrafalgarEscorted$3,050

Learn More About Scotland Tours

Scotland is comprised of the southern Lowland area, a region of moorland and pastoral scenery, as well as the northern Highlands, a mountainous region. Lochs indent the striking coastline, and islands dot the west coast. It is a nation of incredible scenery, generous hospitality and, of course, treasured history with its numerous castles.

Scotland tours typically begin and/or end in Edinburgh. Here, you can't miss Edinburgh Castle, dominating the city's skyline. Edinburgh is divided into Old Town, which retains its medieval heritage, and New Town, which is actually not that "new"; it was built in the mid 18th century. Modern thinkers created this area of the city, whose sites include pretty Charlotte Square and plenty of designer shops to browse.

Other popular stops on Scotland vacations include St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf; Inverness on the banks of the River Ness (stop at Urqhart Castle to try to spot the Loch Ness Monster "Nessie"); and Glasgow with its magnificent St. Mungo's Cathedral.

It's likely that somewhere along your Scotland tour, you'll hear traditional bagpipe music. Perhaps you'll partake in the traditional Haggis Ceremony or watch some Highland dancers. And don't forget, Scotland is also known for its tartan plaid and its fine whisky - two souvenirs you might want to take home to remember a lovely Scotland vacation.

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