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Trafalgar’s CostSaver vacations allow you to travel Europe and Britain with the greatest flexibility at an unbeatable price with Trafalgar’s trusted quality. Each itinerary includes plenty of free time to explore, while still having First Class touches like luxury coach travel and an expert Travel Director.

Escorted Tours

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Escorted Tours are our most popular product. Escorted tours are normally conducted by a tour director who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Escorted tours normally include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. Escorted Tours are conducted by motor-coach and usually no more than 2 nights are spent in each location visited. Escorted Tours are usually fast-paced and prices include much of the sightseeing.

Tour Itinerary Days From
Jewels of Italy Winter 2014/201508$1,150
Taste of Britain 201508$1,165
Jewels of Italy 201508$1,395
Irish Wonder 201509$1,250
Highlights of the Italian Lakes 201509$1,265
Italian Dream 201509$1,495
Glimpse of Europe 201509$1,625
Spanish Experience 201510$1,385
Glimpse of Europe End London 201510$1,625
Britain and Ireland Delight 201511$1,625
Imperial Highlights 201511$1,695
Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina 201511$1,750
Italian Scene 201511$1,985
Wonders of Turkey Winter 2014/201512$1,165
Wonders of Turkey 201512$1,225
England and Scotland Heritage 201512$1,625
Highlights of Germany 201513$2,025
Iberian Explorer 201514$1,975
Splendors of Italy 201514$2,325
Highlights of France 201514$2,550
European Delight 201514$2,650
European Experience 201515$2,695
European Experience End London 201515$2,695
European Magic 201515$2,725
Highlights of Bohemia 201516$2,335
European Adventures 201516$2,625
European Adventures End London 201516$2,625
Highlights of Spain Morocco and Portugal 201517$2,385
European Accent 201517$2,975
European Accent End London 201517$2,975
Cossack Explorer 201517$3,050
European Impressions 201518$3,025
Britain and Ireland Explorer 201520$3,250
Wonders of Turkey with Greek Island Explorer 201522$3,525
European Heritage 201527$4,625
European Heritage End London 201527$4,625

Tour and Cruises

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This is a tour or independent vacation that also has an accompanying cruise. The cruise is at least 3 nights or more. Tours with a one-day or overnight cruise are simply considered Escorted Tours.

Tour Itinerary Days From
Greek Island Explorer 201511$1,850
European Discoverer plus 3 DAY Aegean Cruise Moderate 201532$5,665
European Discoverer plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Superior 201532$5,735
European Discoverer plus 3 DAY Aegean Cruise Premier 201532$5,815
European Discoverer plus 3 DAY Aegean Cruise Premium 201532$5,845