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Trafalgar Tours Europe and Britain

Trafalgar Tours - Europe and Britain Brochure

Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Trafalgar Vacations - Europe and Britain

Travel like an insider on your choice of over 100 First Class vacations across a range of travel styles including Regional Europe, City Breaks, At Leisure, European Discoveries and Train Vacations. Each features exclusive insider highlights like Be My Guest dining and Hidden Treasures sightseeing, enhanced by your expert Travel Director.

Escorted Tours

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Escorted Tours are our most popular product. Escorted tours are normally conducted by a tour director who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Escorted tours normally include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. Escorted Tours are conducted by motor-coach and usually no more than 2 nights are spent in each location visited. Escorted Tours are usually fast-paced and prices include much of the sightseeing.

Tour Itinerary Days From
Jordan Experience Winter 2014/201506$1,235
Jordan Experience 2014/1506$1,350
Jordan Experience with Dead Sea Winter 2014/201507$1,570
Jordan Experience With Dead Sea 201407$1,725
Taste of Britain Winter 2014/201508$1,025
Taste of Britain 201408$1,165
Irish Highlights Winter 2014/201508$1,335
Jewels of Italy 201408$1,450
Irish Highlights 201408$1,699
Best of Scotland 201408$1,850
Swiss Delight Winter 2014/201508$1,885
Best of Holland 201408$2,099
Italian Holiday 201408$2,125
Irish Wonder 201409$1,375
Best of Greece Winter 2014/201509$1,425
Highlights of Turkey 201409$1,465
Italian Dream 201409$1,599
Glimpse of Europe 201409$1,675
Best of Greece 201409$1,699
Best of Devon and Cornwall 201409$1,735
Christmas Markets of Austria Germany and Switzerland Winter 2014/201509$1,750
The Treasures of France Preview 201509$2,299
The Treasures of France 201409$2,325
Magic and Make Believe 201409$2,375
Wonders of St. Petersburg and Moscow 201409$2,550
Contrasts of Switzerland 201409$3,425
Spanish Experience 201410$1,499
Glimpse of Europe End London 201410$1,675
German Christmas Markets Winter 2014/201510$1,735
Spanish Wonder (Winter 2014/2015)10$1,850
Best of Morocco 201410$1,850
European Highlights Winter 2014/201510$2,085
Best of Israel Winter 2014/201510$2,085
Spanish Wonder 201410$2,099
Real Britain 201410$2,125
Scenic England 201410$2,135
Milan and Italian Treasures 201410$2,225
Best of Israel 201410$2,265
Wonderful France Winter 2014/201510$2,299
Northern Italy Including Cinque Terre 201410$2,399
European Highlights with Eurostar Winter 2014/201510$2,500
Rome and Tuscan Highlights Preview 201510$2,550
European Highlights 201410$2,675
Wonderful France 201410$2,699
Best of Switzerland 201410$3,025
Delights of London and Paris 201410$3,099
Britain and Ireland Delight 201411$1,625
Imperial Highlights 201411$1,799
Prague Vienna and Budapest Winter 2014/201511$1,850
Imperial Europe Winter 2014/201511$1,950
Italian Scene 201411$1,950
London to Rome Highlights 201411$2,050
Greek Island Hopper 201411$2,225
European Dream Winter 2014/201511$2,250
Prague Vienna and Budapest Preview 201511$2,250
Great Italian Cities Winter 2014/201511$2,265
Amazing Britain 201411$2,275
European Traveler Winter 2014/201511$2,275
Real Italy Winter 2014/201511$2,325
Best of Ireland 201411$2,350
Britain and Ireland Highlights 201411$2,350
Prague Vienna and Budapest 201411$2,375
Imperial Europe 201411$2,450
Sound of Music 201411$2,565
Southern Italy and Sicily 201411$2,625
European Highlights End London 201411$2,675
Castles and Kilts 201411$2,675
Greek Island Hopper Family 201411$2,699
Highlights of France and Barcelona 201411$2,775
Best of Holland Belgium and Luxembourg 201411$2,799
Italian Discovery 201411$2,899
European Dream 201411$2,965
European Traveler 201411$2,975
Gladiators, Gondolas and Gold 201411$3,075
Great Italian Cities 201411$3,099
European Highlights with Eurostar 201411$3,120
Flavors of Italy 201411$3,150
An African Adventure 201411$3,199
Contrasts of Italy 201411$3,199
England and Scotland Heritage 201412$1,699
European Highlights End London 201412$2,085
Best of Portugal 201412$2,199
Highlights of France and Barcelona Winter 2014/201512$2,399
Northern Spain 201412$2,485
Southern Italy and Sicily 201512$2,499
Irish Experience 201412$2,499
Italy Bellissimo 201412$3,365
Italian Concerto 201412$3,425
Corsica and Sardinia 201412$3,450
Paris and Provence 201412$3,625
Paris and Provence Preview 201512$3,625
Impressions of Spain and Portugal 201413$1,825
Highlights of Germany 201413$1,999
Best of Germany 201413$2,850
WWI and WWII Battlefields 201513$3,775
Iberian Explorer 201414$1,985
Highlights of Spain and Portugal Winter 2014/201514$2,299
Highlights of France 201414$2,565
European Delight 201414$2,575
Highlights of Spain and Portugal 201414$2,699
Best of Italy 2014 201514$2,899
Scottish Highlands Islands and Cities 201414$3,325
The Balkans and Venice 201414$3,375
Best of Germany and Austria 201414$3,435
Switzerland and Austria Preview 201514$3,650
Best of France 201414$3,665
Switzerland and Austria 201414$3,775
Best of Italy 201414$3,799
European Wonderland 201414$3,799
Italian Glory 201414$3,825
European Splendor 201414$3,935
Best of Turkey Winter 2014/201515$1,875
Best Of Turkey 201415$2,175
European Experience 201415$2,635
European Magic 201415$2,735
Best of Britain 201415$3,185
European Whirl Winter 2014/201515$3,199
European Whirl 201415$3,725
Highlights of Austria Slovenia and Croatia 201415$3,765
European Marvel End London 201415$3,950
Grand Alpine Experience 201415$3,985
European Spotlight 201415$4,185
Scenic Europe 201415$4,435
Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords 201415$4,465
Highlights of Bohemia 201416$2,350
Britain and Ireland Experience 201416$2,385
European Adventures 201416$2,725
European Whirl End London Winter 2014/201516$3,199
Best of Spain 201416$3,375
Bohemian Highlights 201416$3,425
Best of Ireland and Scotland 201416$3,475
Wonders of Britain and Ireland 201416$3,535
Wonders of Britain and Ireland 201416$3,535
Best of Greece and Greek Island Hopper 201416$3,599
European Whirl with Eurostar Winter 2014/201516$3,614
European Whirl End London 201416$3,725
European Whirl with Eurostar 201416$4,105
Best of Finland Russia and the Baltic States 201416$4,125
Best of Italy and Sicily 201416$4,185
Capitals of the North 201416$4,235
European Marvel with Eurostar 201416$4,435
Scenic Europe with Eurostar 201416$4,880
Contrasts of Europe 201416$5,099
Highlights of Spain, Morocco and Portugal 201417$2,375
European Experience End London 201417$2,635
Spain Morocco and Portugal Winter 2014/201517$2,750
European Accent 201417$2,899
Cossack Explorer 201417$3,025
Spain Morocco and Portugal 201417$3,265
Grand Italian Experience 201417$4,435
Scenic Europe End London 201417$4,435
European Adventures End London 201418$2,725
European Impressions 201418$2,999
Highlights of Eastern Europe 201418$3,925
European Interlude 201418$4,650
Wonders of Europe 201418$5,975
European Accent End London 201419$2,899
The Britannia 201419$3,935
European Interlude 201419$4,650
European Interlude with Eurostar 201419$5,095
European Impressions End London 201420$2,999
Britain and Ireland Panorama 201420$4,199
European Cavalcade 201421$3,550
Traditional Europe 201421$5,725
European Cavalcade End London 201422$3,550
Traditional Europe with Eurostar 201422$6,105
Britain and Ireland Explorer 201423$3,399
Traditional Europe End London 201423$5,725
Britain and Ireland Grandeur 201424$5,075
Grand European 201424$6,375
Grand European with Eurostar 201425$6,860
European Heritage 201427$4,750
European Heritage End London 201429$4,750
Great European 201431$7,999
European Supreme 201432$8,365
European Supreme (End London) 201433$8,365
European Supreme with Eurostar 201433$8,850
European Discoverer 201434$5,799

Independent Vacations

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These vacations usually spend 2 or 3 nights in each location visited and usually only a few locations are visited. A tour guide is normally not included, but there is a usually a host available to answer questions and suggest sightseeing. Few meals and some sightseeing are typically included, but a lot of free time to explore is available. These vacations are ideal for independent travelers looking to set their own pace.

Tour Itinerary Days From
Winter in London Moderate Winter 2014/201508$850
London Week Ibis Earls Court 201408$950
London Week Hilton Olympia 201408$1,125
London Week Jurys Inn Islington 201408$1,125
Winter in London Superior Winter 2014/201508$1,165
London Week Hilton Kensington 201408$1,225
London Week Park Plaza County Hall 201408$1,285
London Week Park Plaza Riverbank 201408$1,285
London Week The Cumberland 201408$1,299
London Week Thistle Euston 201408$1,365
Winter in Paris Moderate Winter 2014/201509$1,099
Winter in Paris Superior Winter 2014/201509$1,225
Paris Week Moderate 201409$1,350
Paris and Rome Winter 2014/201509$1,585
Paris Week Superior 201409$1,799
London and Paris Moderate 201409$1,899
Paris and Rome Superior 201409$2,050
London and Paris Superior 201409$2,150
Rome and Tuscan Highlights 201410$2,585
London Paris and Rome Winter 2014/201511$2,065
London Paris and Rome Moderate 201411$2,425
London Paris and Rome Superior 201411$2,775

Tour and Cruises

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This is a tour or independent vacation that also has an accompanying cruise. The cruise is at least 3 nights or more. Tours with a one-day or overnight cruise are simply considered Escorted Tours.

Tour Itinerary Days From
Athens and Aegean Moderate 201409$1,554
Ancient Lands Moderate 201409$1,677
Athens and Aegean Superior 201409$1,705
Ancient Lands Superior 201409$1,837
Athens and Aegean Premier 201409$1,954
Athens and Aegean Premium 201409$2,005
Ancient Lands Premier 201409$2,097
Ancient Lands Premium 201409$2,162
Best of Egypt Winter 2014/201510$2,050
Egyptian Voyager Winter 2014/201510$2,099
Best of Egypt 201410$2,485
Egyptian Voyager 201410$2,550
Aegean Odyssey Moderate 201412$2,280
Aegean Odyssey Superior 201412$2,545
Aegean Odyssey Premier 201412$2,920
Aegean Odyssey Premium 201412$3,045
Wonders of Ancient Egypt Winter 2014/201513$2,475
Best of Greece Plus 3 Day Aegean Cruise Moderate 201413$2,490
Best Of Greece Plus 3 Day Aegean Cruise Superior 201413$2,580
Best of Greece plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Premier 201413$2,690
Best Of Greece Plus 3 Day Aegean Cruise Premium 201413$2,740
Wonders of Ancient Egypt 201513$3,035
Best Of Greece Plus 4 Day Aegean Cruise Moderate 201414$2,662
Best Of Greece Plus 4 Day Aegean Cruise Superior 201414$2,787
Best Of Greece Plus 4 Day Aegean Cruise Premier 201414$2,911
Best Of Greece Plus 4 Day Aegean Cruise Premium 201414$2,987
Best of Greece plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Moderate 201417$3,220
Highlights of Turkey plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Moderate 201417$3,311
Best of Greece plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Superior 201417$3,445
Highlights of Turkey plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Superior 201417$3,536
Best of Greece plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Premier 201417$3,694
Highlights of Turkey plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Premier 201417$3,771
Best of Greece plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Premium 201417$3,820
Highlights of Turkey plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Premium 201417$3,885
Best of Turkey plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Moderate 201423$3,971
Best of Turkey plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Superior 201423$4,185
Best of Turkey plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Premier 201423$4,436
Best of Turkey plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Premium 201423$4,561
European Supreme plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Moderate 201432$8,745
European Supreme Plus 3 Day Aegean Cruise Superior 201432$8,845
European Supreme plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Premier 201432$8,970
European Supreme plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Premium 201432$9,020
European Supreme plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Superior with Eurostar 201433$9,330
European Supreme plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Premier with Eurostar 201433$9,455
European Supreme plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Premium with Eurostar 201433$9,505
European Discoverer plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Moderate 201434$6,279
European Discoverer plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Superior 201434$6,379
European Discoverer plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Premier 201434$6,479
European Discoverer plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Premium 201434$6,529
European Supreme plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Moderate End London 201434$8,745
European Supreme plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Superior End London 201434$8,845
European Supreme plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Premier End London 201434$8,970
European Supreme plus 3 day Aegean Cruise Premium End London 201434$9,020