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Wales Tours

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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
Essential Britain & Ireland 201510GlobusEscorted$1,983
Britain Sampler 201509GlobusEscorted$1,349
Essential Britain & Ireland 201410GlobusEscorted$2,099
Britain Sampler 201409GlobusEscorted$1,419
The Best Of The British Isles 201520GlobusEscorted$3,674
British Panorama 201409CosmosEscorted$999
Highlights Of Britain & Ireland 201515GlobusEscorted$2,928
Britain & Ireland In Depth 201525GlobusEscorted$4,514
Grand Tour Of Britain & Ireland 201518CosmosEscorted$2,267
The Best Of Britain & Ireland 201415CosmosEscorted$2,069
England, Scotland & Wales 201413CosmosEscorted$1,985
Essential Britain 201512GlobusEscorted$2,298
Celtic Highlights 201513GlobusEscorted$2,771
Britain and Ireland Highlights Preview 201511TrafalgarEscorted$2,325
Gems of Britain (2014)05InsightEscorted$1,185
Britain Sampler With Paris 201512GlobusEscorted$2,647
Amazing Britain Preview 201511TrafalgarEscorted$1,899
The Best Of Britain & Ireland 201515CosmosEscorted$2,120
2014 Best of Britain 10 Days/9 nights Tour10CIEEscorted$1,938
Essential Britain 201412GlobusEscorted$2,429
British Panorama 201509CosmosEscorted$1,049
England, Scotland & Wales 201513CosmosEscorted$1,885
Amazing Britain 201411TrafalgarEscorted$2,275
The British Isles In Depth 201524CosmosEscorted$3,065
Wonders of Britain and Ireland Preview 201517TrafalgarEscorted$3,535
Grand Tour Of Britain & Ireland 201418CosmosEscorted$2,629
Britain and Ireland Highlights 201411TrafalgarEscorted$2,350
Britain and Ireland Experience 201416TrafalgarEscorted$2,385
Best of Britain Preview 201515TrafalgarEscorted$3,050
The British Isles In Depth 201424CosmosEscorted$3,369
2014 Taste of Wales & Ireland 10 day/9 night coach tour10CIEEscorted$1,678
2015 Heart of Wales and England 8 Days/7 Nights08CIEEscorted$1,952
2015 Taste of Wales and Ireland 10 day/9 night coach tour10CIEEscorted$2,038
2015 British and Irish Elegance 10 day/9 night tour10CIEEscorted$2,498
2015 British and Irish Elegance 11 day/10 night tour11CIEEscorted$2,758
England, Scotland & Wales 201514TauckEscorted$6,790
Highlights Of Britain & Ireland 201415GlobusEscorted$3,029
The Best Of The British Isles 201420GlobusEscorted$3,809
Best of Britain 201415TrafalgarEscorted$3,185
Britain and Ireland Panorama Preview 201520TrafalgarEscorted$4,125