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River Cruise

Experience River Cruises

A River Cruise is basically a tour that is conducted on a small or medium sized cruise-ship and travels via rivers instead of rail or road.

Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style From
14 Day China with 4 Day Yangtze River Cruise (Thursday Departure)14Gate1River Cruise$1,499
14 Day China with 4 Day Yangtze River Cruise (Saturday Departure)14Gate1River Cruise$1,589
The Blue Danube Discovery - Budapest to Prague 201513GlobusRiver Cruise$3,289
9 Day Danube River Cruise - Budapest to Nuremberg (Sound of Music)09Gate1River Cruise$1,599
Romantic Rhine Northbound - From Zurich to Amsterdam 201508GlobusRiver Cruise$2,199
Capitals Of Central Europe - Eastbound From Prague to Budapest 201510GlobusRiver Cruise$2,989
European Splendor - Westbound From Vienna to Amsterdam 201513GlobusRiver Cruise$4,199
Magnificent Europe - Eastbound From Amsterdam to Budapest 201515GlobusRiver Cruise$4,299
A Taste Of The Danube From Budapest To Vienna 201408GlobusRiver Cruise$1,839
A Taste Of The Danube - From Budapest to Vienna 201508GlobusRiver Cruise$1,939
Christmastime On The Danube - Cruise Only Nuremberg to Vienna 201507GlobusRiver Cruise$2,049
The Blue Danube Discovery - Cruise Only From Budapest to Nuremberg 201508GlobusRiver Cruise$2,199
Christmastime On The Danube From Prague To Vienna 201409GlobusRiver Cruise$2,319
Paris To Normandy's Landing Beaches From Paris to Paris 201508GlobusRiver Cruise$2,449
Romantic Rhine Southbound - From Amsterdam to Basel 201508GlobusRiver Cruise$2,449
Romantic Rhine From Zurich To Amsterdam 201408GlobusRiver Cruise$2,819
Burgundy & Provence - From Paris to Cote d'Azur 201511GlobusRiver Cruise$3,549
Magnificent Europe From Amsterdam To Budapest 201415GlobusRiver Cruise$4,149
The Rhine & Moselle Southbound - From Amsterdam to Basel 201513GlobusRiver Cruise$4,199
Magnificent Europe From Budapest To Amsterdam 201415GlobusRiver Cruise$4,649
Fascinating Vietnam, Cambodia & The Mekong River With Hanoi & Ha Long Bay - Siem Reap to Hanoi 201516GlobusRiver Cruise$4,725
Blue Danube To The Black Sea With Istanbul - From Vienna to Istanbul 201517GlobusRiver Cruise$6,638
Golden Myanmar & The Alluring Irrawaddy With Bangkok & Inle Lake - Southbound 201619GlobusRiver Cruise$8,665
15 Day China with 4 Day Yangtze River Cruise15Gate1River Cruise$1,699
9 Day Danube River Cruise - Nuremberg to Budapest (Sound of Music)09Gate1River Cruise$1,799
Majestic Yangtze 201414Wendy WuRiver Cruise$2,890
Wonders of China 201416Wendy WuRiver Cruise$3,090
Yangtze Splendor - Premiere Tour 201415Wendy WuRiver Cruise$3,760
Magnificent China 201421Wendy WuRiver Cruise$3,990
Grand Yangtze 201418Wendy WuRiver Cruise$4,040
Grand Tour of China 201426Wendy WuRiver Cruise$4,190
Cities of the Orient 201419Wendy WuRiver Cruise$4,430
China & Tibet Discovery 201416Wendy WuRiver Cruise$4,490
Majestic Yangtze - Premiere Tour 201414Wendy WuRiver Cruise$4,660
Grand Yangtze - Premiere Tour 201418Wendy WuRiver Cruise$4,660
Wonders of China - Premiere Tour 201416Wendy WuRiver Cruise$5,590
A Taste Of The Danube From Budapest To Vienna 201404GlobusRiver Cruise$999
A Taste Of The Danube - Cruise Only From Vienna to Budapest 201504GlobusRiver Cruise$1,099
A Taste Of The Danube - Cruise Only From Budapest to Vienna 201504GlobusRiver Cruise$1,099
Christmastime In Alsace & Germany From Frankfurt to Basel 201505GlobusRiver Cruise$1,349