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China Tours
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Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends From
A China Experience 201709CosmosEscortedShanghaiBeijing$1,645
Treasures Of China 201711GlobusEscortedBeijingShanghai$3,123
Treasures Of China With Hong Kong 201714GlobusEscortedBeijingHong Kong$4,347
Magical China and The Yangtze River 201712GlobusRiver CruiseBeijingShanghai$4,342
Enchanting China and The Yangtze River 201716GlobusRiver CruiseBeijingShanghai$6,006
Magical China and The Yangtze River With Hong Kong 201715GlobusRiver CruiseBeijingHong Kong$5,436
Enchanting China and The Yangtze River With Hong Kong 201719GlobusRiver CruiseBeijingHong Kong$7,130
A China Experience With Hong Kong 201712CosmosEscortedShanghaiHong Kong$2,599
Magical China and The Yangtze River With Guilin and Hong Kong 201717GlobusRiver CruiseBeijingHong Kong$6,336
Classic China 201710TrafalgarEscortedBeijingShanghai$3,195
Classic China with Yangtze Cruise and Chengdu 201717TrafalgarTour & CruiseBeijingChengdu$5,475
Hong Kong and Macau Experience 201704TrafalgarIndependentHong KongHong Kong$1,695
Beijing & Shanghai 201707Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingShanghai$1,097
Treasures of China 201715TrafalgarEscortedBeijingHong Kong$5,925
China Escape 201709Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingShanghai$1,705
Beijing & Xi'an 201706Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingXian$1,097
Seoul & Beijing 201707Monograms (Globus)IndependentSeoulBeijing$1,799
Hong Kong 201704Monograms (Globus)IndependentHong KongHong Kong$859
Hong Kong 201804Monograms (Globus)IndependentHong KongHong Kong$879
Beijing & Xi'an 201806Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingXian$1,127
China Escape 201809Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingShanghai$1,725
Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong 201710Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingHong Kong$2,351
Hong Kong, Singapore & Bangkok 201710Monograms (Globus)IndependentHong KongBangkok$3,433
Tokyo, Seoul & Beijing 201810Monograms (Globus)IndependentTokyoBeijing$3,979
Beijing 201804Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingBeijing$509
Beijing & Shanghai 201807Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingShanghai$1,107
Seoul & Beijing 201807Monograms (Globus)IndependentSeoulBeijing$1,849
China Escape With Guilin 201711Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingGuilin$2,393
China Escape with Guilin 201811Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingGuilin$2,433
China Escape with Hong Kong 201812Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingHong Kong$2,989
Captivating China 201713Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingShanghai$3,041
China Escape With Guilin & Hong Kong 201714Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingHong Kong$3,590
Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong 201813Monograms (Globus)IndependentSeoulHong Kong$3,701
Tokyo, Seoul & Beijing 201710Monograms (Globus)IndependentTokyoBeijing$3,869
Beijing 201704Monograms (Globus)IndependentBeijingBeijing$499
Hong Kong With Macau 201706Monograms (Globus)IndependentHong KongMacau$1,589
Hong Kong With Shanghai 201707Monograms (Globus)IndependentHong KongShanghai$1,639
Hong Kong With Shanghai 201807Monograms (Globus)IndependentHong KongShanghai$1,649
Hong Kong With Macau 201806Monograms (Globus)IndependentHong KongMacau$1,649
Hong Kong With Guilin 201706Monograms (Globus)IndependentHong KongGuilin$1,699

Learn More About China Tours

Vast and varied, China is the world's most populated country. One of the best ways to see and experience its bustling cities and revered landmarks is on a tour. That way, you can enjoy sightseeing with the help of a knowledgeable tour director who speaks the local language and who can answer all of your questions.<br> <br> China vacations typically include overnights in Beijing, the heart and soul of China. Sightseeing highlights in this capital city include Tiananmen Square, the Museum of Chinese History, the Peking Opera House and the Beijing Zoo. From Beijing, it is common to take a day trip to the incredible Great Wall of China.<br> <br> Xi'an is an archeological treasure-trove in central China, where visitors marvel at the Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang and its 7,000 life-size terra-cotta warriors. Xi'an's city wall and moat date back to 1370, one of the last great city ramparts still standing in China. Guilin is a popular destination on any China tour because visitors enjoy a cruise on the tranquil Li River; it is a mystical, magical waterway, with rice paddies, fishermen on bamboo rafts and water buffalo grazing on the river.<br> <br> Finally, Shanghai is a shopper's paradise, with Nanjing Road, China's premier shopping street. Extending for miles, it's a fascinating mix of colonial architecture, ultra-modern department stores and a new pedestrian mall - plenty of opportunities to pick up souvenirs to bring back home to remind you of your wonderful China vacation.

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