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Guaranteed Low Prices on Cosmos Vacations - Asia

The Cosmos quality, value touring formula makes travel to Asia truly affordable. Cosmos' famous low prices—with nearly everything you need in a vacation already included—allow you to visit exotic locations in Asia, like Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam, and Cambodia, without spending a fortune.

Escorted Tour

Escorted Tours are our most popular product. Escorted tours are normally conducted by a tour director who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Escorted tours normally include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. Escorted Tours are conducted by motor-coach and usually no more than 2 nights are spent in each location visited. Escorted Tours are usually fast-paced and prices include much of the sightseeing.

Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends Price
A China Experience 201909CosmosEscortedBeijingShanghai$1,319
China Experience 202009CosmosEscortedShanghaiBeijing$1,239
Timeless Japan 202010CosmosEscortedTokyoOsaka$2,929
Timeless Japan 201910CosmosEscortedTokyoOsaka$2,869
China Experience With Hong Kong 201912CosmosEscortedBeijingHong Kong$1,969
China Experience with Hong Kong 202012CosmosEscortedShanghaiHong Kong$1,889
Simply Vietnam 202112CosmosEscortedHanoiHo Chi Minh$1,589
Thailand Experience 202112CosmosEscortedBangkokChiang Rai$1,589
Discover Southern India & Kerala 202112CosmosEscortedChennaiCochin$1,569
Simply Vietnam 201912CosmosEscortedHanoiHo Chi Minh$1,529
Simply Vietnam 202012CosmosEscortedHanoiHo Chi Minh$1,459
Thailand Experience 202012CosmosEscortedBangkokChiang Mai$1,439
Thailand Experience 201912CosmosEscortedBangkokChiang Mai$1,429
Discover Southern India & Kerala 202012CosmosEscortedChennaiCochin$1,429
Highlights of Northern India 202113CosmosEscortedNew DelhiNew Delhi$1,709
Highlights of Northern India 202013CosmosEscortedNew DelhiNew Delhi$1,499
Discover Southern India & Kerala with Mumbai 202114CosmosEscortedMumbaiCochin$2,079
Discover Southern India & Kerala with Mumbai 202014CosmosEscortedMumbaiCochin$1,899
Discover Southern India & Kerala with Marari Beach 202115CosmosEscortedChennaiMarari Beach$2,109
Thailand Experience with Siem Reap 202115CosmosEscortedSiem ReapChiang Mai$2,049
Thailand Experience with Phuket 202115CosmosEscortedBangkokPhuket$1,959
Discover Southern India & Kerala with Marari Beach 202015CosmosEscortedChennaiMarari Beach$1,929
Thailand Experience With Siem Reap 201915CosmosEscortedSiem ReapChiang Mai$1,879
Thailand Experience with Siem Reap 202015CosmosEscortedSiem ReapChiang Mai$1,859
Thailand Experience With Phuket 201915CosmosEscortedBangkokPhuket$1,749
Thailand Experience with Phuket 202015CosmosEscortedBangkokPhuket$1,709
Highlights of Northern India with Dubai 202116CosmosEscortedDubaiNew Delhi$2,239
Simply Vietnam With Sapa 201916CosmosEscortedHanoiHo Chi Minh$2,229
Simply Vietnam with Cambodia 202116CosmosEscortedHanoiSiem Reap$2,169
Highlights of Northern India with Kathmandu 202116CosmosEscortedNew DelhiKathmandu$2,159
Simply Vietnam With Cambodia 201916CosmosEscortedHanoiSiem Reap$2,069
Highlights of Northern India with Dubai 202016CosmosEscortedDubaiNew Delhi$2,009
Simply Vietnam with Cambodia 202016CosmosEscortedHanoiSiem Reap$1,999
Highlights of Northern India with Kathmandu 202016CosmosEscortedNew DelhiKathmandu$1,919
Thailand Experience with Siem Reap & Phuket 202118CosmosEscortedSiem ReapPhuket$2,409
Thailand Experience With Siem Reap & Phuket 201918CosmosEscortedSiem ReapPhuket$2,189
Thailand Experience with Siem Reap & Phuket 202018CosmosEscortedSiem ReapPhuket$2,129
Simply Vietnam with Cambodia & Bangkok 202119CosmosEscortedHanoiBangkok$2,649
Simply Vietnam with Laos & Cambodia 202119CosmosEscortedLuang PrabangSiem Reap$2,609
Simply Vietnam With Laos & Cambodia 201919CosmosEscortedLuang PrabangSiem Reap$2,539
Simply Vietnam With Cambodia & Bangkok 201919CosmosEscortedHanoiBangkok$2,489
Simply Vietnam with Cambodia & Bangkok 202019CosmosEscortedHanoiBangkok$2,439
Highlights of Northern India with Dubai & Kathmandu 202019CosmosEscortedDubaiKathmandu$2,419
Simply Vietnam with Laos & Cambodia 202019CosmosEscortedLuang PrabangSiem Reap$2,409
Simply Vietnam With Sapa & Cambodia 201920CosmosEscortedHanoiSiem Reap$2,759

Tour and Cruise

When you combine a cruise with your tour package you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy part of your vacation by land staying overnight in some locations at hotels, taking in the local life and exploring day trips in your area, then enhance the remainder of your vacation on a cruise taking in all the benefits a ship has to offer.

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