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NEW! 2020 Now Open for Sale! Escapes by Globus is a compilation of the best itineraries in Europe - presented during the low season - so you can experience Europe’s most popular destinations for less.

Escorted Tour

Escorted Tours are our most popular product. Escorted tours are normally conducted by a tour director who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Escorted tours normally include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. Escorted Tours are conducted by motor-coach and usually no more than 2 nights are spent in each location visited. Escorted Tours are usually fast-paced and prices include much of the sightseeing.

Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends Price
Scottish Highlands Escape 201906GlobusEscortedEdinburghGlasgow$699
Scottish Highlands Escape 202006GlobusEscortedEdinburghGlasgow$699
South of Ireland Escape 201906GlobusEscortedLimerickDublin$699
South of Ireland Escape 202006GlobusEscortedLimerickDublin$699
Norwegian Fjords Escape 202007GlobusEscortedOsloOslo$1,399
Norwegian Fjords Escape 201907GlobusEscortedOsloOslo$1,299
Peru Escape 202107GlobusEscortedLimaLima$1,219
London & Paris Escape 201907GlobusEscortedLondonParis$1,199
London & Paris Escape 202007GlobusEscortedLondonParis$1,199
Peru Escape 202007GlobusEscortedLimaLima$1,149
Bella Italia Escape 201907GlobusEscortedVeniceRome$1,099
Bella Italia Escape 202007GlobusEscortedVeniceRome$1,099
French Escape 201907GlobusEscortedParisNice$1,099
French Escape 202007GlobusEscortedParisNice$1,099
Italian Escape 201907GlobusEscortedRomeVenice$1,099
Italian Escape 202007GlobusEscortedRomeVenice$1,099
Russian Escape 202007GlobusEscortedSt. PetersburgMoscow$1,099
Imperial Escape 201907GlobusEscortedBudapestPrague$999
Sicilian Escape 202007GlobusEscortedPalermoTaormina$949
German Escape 201907GlobusEscortedBerlinMunich$929
British Escape 201907GlobusEscortedLondonEdinburgh$899
British Escape 202007GlobusEscortedLondonEdinburgh$899
Jordan Escape 201907GlobusEscortedAmmanDead Sea$899
German Escape 202007GlobusEscortedBerlinMunich$829
Costa Rica Escape 202107GlobusEscortedSan JoseSan Jose$809
Irish Escape 201907GlobusEscortedDublinDublin$799
Greek Escape 201907GlobusEscortedAthensAthens$799
Greek Escape 202007GlobusEscortedAthensAthens$799
Irish Escape 202007GlobusEscortedDublinDublin$799
Jordan Escape 202007GlobusEscortedAmmanDead Sea$799
North of Ireland Escape 201907GlobusEscortedDublinDublin$799
North of Ireland Escape 202007GlobusEscortedDublinDublin$799
Sicilian Escape 201907GlobusEscortedPalermoTaormina$799
Scottish Escape 201907GlobusEscortedGlasgowEdinburgh$799
Scottish Escape 202007GlobusEscortedGlasgowEdinburgh$799
Costa Rica Escape 202007GlobusEscortedSan JoseSan Jose$769
Imperial Escape 202007GlobusEscortedBudapestPrague$729
Moroccan Escape 201907GlobusEscortedCasablancaCasablanca$699
Moroccan Escape 202007GlobusEscortedCasablancaCasablanca$699
Costa Rica Escape 201907GlobusEscortedSan JoseSan Jose$669
Northern Italy Escape 202008GlobusEscortedMilanLake Como$1,299
Four Capitals of Europe Escape 202008GlobusEscortedAmsterdamLondon$1,299
Israel Escape 201908GlobusEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$1,199
Four Capitals of Europe Escape 201908GlobusEscortedAmsterdamLondon$1,199
Israel Escape 202008GlobusEscortedTel AvivJerusalem$1,199
Northern Italy Escape 201908GlobusEscortedMilanLake Como$1,199
Rome & Sorrento Escape 201908GlobusEscortedRomeRome$1,199
British Escape with Return to London 201908GlobusEscortedLondonLondon$1,129
British Escape with Return to London 202008GlobusEscortedLondonLondon$1,129
Dutch Escape 201908GlobusEscortedAmsterdamAmsterdam$1,099
Rome & Sorrento Escape 202008GlobusEscortedRomeRome$1,099
Dutch Escape 202008GlobusEscortedAmsterdamAmsterdam$999
Lisbon to Madrid Escape 201908GlobusEscortedLisbonMadrid$999
Swiss Escape 201908GlobusEscortedZurichLugano$999
Swiss Escape 202008GlobusEscortedZurichLugano$999
Lisbon to Madrid Escape 202008GlobusEscortedLisbonMadrid$949
Brazil & Argentina Escape 202109GlobusEscortedRio de JaneiroBuenos Aires$1,519
Brazil & Argentina Escape 202009GlobusEscortedRio de JaneiroBuenos Aires$1,429
Bella Italia Escape with Sorrento 201909GlobusEscortedVeniceSorrento$1,399
Bella Italia Escape with Sorrento 202009GlobusEscortedVeniceSorrento$1,399
European Escape 201909GlobusEscortedRomeParis$1,399
European Escape 202009GlobusEscortedRomeParis$1,399
Brazil & Argentina Escape 201909GlobusEscortedRio de JaneiroBuenos Aires$1,359
Spain & Portugal Escape 202009GlobusEscortedBarcelonaLisbon$1,199
Croatian Escape 201909GlobusEscortedLjubljanaZagreb$1,169
Croatian Escape 202009GlobusEscortedLjubljanaZagreb$1,169
Southern Spain Escape 201909GlobusEscortedMadridMadrid$1,149
Spanish Escape 201909GlobusEscortedMadridBarcelona$1,099
Ireland & Britain Escape 201909GlobusEscortedDublinLondon$1,099
Ireland & Britain Escape 202009GlobusEscortedDublinLondon$1,099
Southern Italy Escape 201909GlobusEscortedSorrentoNaples$1,099
Southern Italy Escape 202009GlobusEscortedSorrentoNaples$1,099
Spanish Escape 202009GlobusEscortedMadridBarcelona$1,099
Portuguese Escape 201909GlobusEscortedLisbonLisbon$999
Polish Escape 201909GlobusEscortedWarsawWarsaw$999
Portuguese Escape 202009GlobusEscortedLisbonLisbon$999
Southern Spain Escape 202009GlobusEscortedMadridMadrid$999
Imperial Escape with Berlin 201909GlobusEscortedBudapestBerlin$929
Imperial Escape with Berlin 202009GlobusEscortedBudapestBerlin$929
Polish Escape 202009GlobusEscortedWarsawWarsaw$899
Norwegian Fjords Escape with Northern Lights 202010GlobusEscortedOsloOslo$1,980
Norwegian Fjords Escape with Northern Lights 201910GlobusEscortedOsloOslo$1,880
Paris to Rome Escape 201910GlobusEscortedParisRome$1,749
Paris to Rome Escape 202010GlobusEscortedParisRome$1,649
European Escape with London 201910GlobusEscortedRomeLondon$1,599
European Escape with London 202010GlobusEscortedRomeLondon$1,599
Costa Rica Escape with Tortuguero 202110GlobusEscortedSan JoseSan Jose$1,209
Costa Rica Escape with Tortuguero 202010GlobusEscortedSan JoseSan Jose$1,139
Costa Rica Escape With Tortuguero 201910GlobusEscortedSan JoseSan Jose$1,049
Brazil & Argentina Escape with Santiago 202112GlobusEscortedRio de JaneiroSantiago$1,949
Brazil & Argentina Escape with Santiago 202012GlobusEscortedRio de JaneiroSantiago$1,829
Israel Escape with Jordan 201913GlobusEscortedTel AvivDead Sea$1,889
Israel Escape with Jordan 202013GlobusEscortedTel AvivDead Sea$1,889

Tour and Cruise

When you combine a cruise with your tour package you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy part of your vacation by land staying overnight in some locations at hotels, taking in the local life and exploring day trips in your area, then enhance the remainder of your vacation on a cruise taking in all the benefits a ship has to offer.

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