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Europe Winter
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NEW! 2019/20 Now Open for Sale! Traveling outside of the summer season means fewer crowds and more intimate moments connecting with locals, enjoying the beautiful changing seasons, and celebrating amazing festivals.

Escorted Tour

Escorted Tours are our most popular product. Escorted tours are normally conducted by a tour director who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Escorted tours normally include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. Escorted Tours are conducted by motor-coach and usually no more than 2 nights are spent in each location visited. Escorted Tours are usually fast-paced and prices include much of the sightseeing.

Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends Price
Scenic Iceland and the Northern Lights (Winter 2019 2020)07Insight VacationsEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$3,850
Scenic Iceland & the Northern Lights (Winter 2020 2021)07Insight VacationsEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$3,353
Magical Switzerland (Winter 2020 2021)07Insight VacationsEscortedZurichGeneva$2,273
Jordan Experience (Winter 2019 2020)07Insight VacationsEscortedAmmanAmman$2,025
Magical Switzerland (Winter 2019 2020)07Insight VacationsEscortedZurichGeneva$1,930
Glories of Greece (Winter 2020 2021)07Insight VacationsEscortedAthensAthens$1,925
Glories of Greece (Winter 2019 2020)07Insight VacationsEscortedAthensAthens$1,850
Israel Discovery (Winter 2019 2020)08Insight VacationsEscortedTel AvivTel Aviv$3,350
Italian Intermezzo (Winter 2019 2020)08Insight VacationsEscortedMilanRome$2,225
Easy Pace Russia with Christmas Markets (Winter 2019 2020)08Insight VacationsEscortedSt. PetersburgMoscow$2,195
Italian Intermezzo (Winter 2020 2021)08Insight VacationsEscortedMilanRome$2,048
Christmas Markets of Germany (Winter 2019 2020)08Insight VacationsEscortedBerlinMunich$1,895
Christmas Markets of Germany (Winter 2020 2021)08Insight VacationsEscortedBerlinMunich$1,886
Christmas Markets of Austria & Bavaria (Winter 2020 2021)08Insight VacationsEscortedViennaMunich$1,868
Christmas Markets of Austria & Bavaria (Winter 2019 2020)08Insight VacationsEscortedViennaMunich$1,850
Christmas Markets of Poland, Prague & Germany (Winter 2019 2020)08Insight VacationsEscortedKrakowBerlin$1,650
Christmas Markets of Poland, Prague & Germany (Winter 2020 2021)08Insight VacationsEscortedKrakowBerlin$1,643
Jordan Experience with Dead Sea (Winter 2020 2021)09Insight VacationsEscortedAmmanAmman$2,770
Jordan Experience with Dead Sea (Winter 2019 2020)09Insight VacationsEscortedAmmanAmman$2,575
Best of Britain (Winter 2020 2021)09Insight VacationsEscortedLondonLondon$2,453
Highlights of Spain (Winter 2019 2020)09Insight VacationsEscortedBarcelonaMadrid$2,250
Winter Wonderland (Winter 2020 2021)09Insight VacationsEscortedFrankfurtFrankfurt$2,066
Highlights of Spain (Winter 2020 2021)09Insight VacationsEscortedBarcelonaMadrid$2,003
Amazing Spain & Portugal (Winter 2019 2020)09Insight VacationsEscortedMadridMadrid$1,975
Alpine Christmas Markets (Winter 2020 2021)09Insight VacationsEscortedMunichZurich$1,868
Amazing Spain & Portugal (Winter 2020 2021)09Insight VacationsEscortedMadridMadrid$1,845
Winter Wonderland (Winter 2019 2020)09Insight VacationsEscortedFrankfurtFrankfurt$1,799
Alpine Christmas Markets (Winter 2019 2020)09Insight VacationsEscortedMunichZurich$1,630
Northern Lights of Scandinavia (Winter 2020 2021)10Insight VacationsEscortedHelsinkiOslo$4,143
Northern Lights of Scandinavia (Winter 2019 2020)10Insight VacationsEscortedHelsinkiOslo$3,975
Easy Pace Italy (Winter 2019 2020)10Insight VacationsEscortedRomeVenice$2,750
Best of Italy end Naples (Winter 2019 2020)10Insight VacationsEscortedRomeNaples$2,620
Easy Pace Italy (Winter 2020 2021)10Insight VacationsEscortedRomeVenice$2,516
Best of Morocco (Winter 2019 2020)10Insight VacationsEscortedCasablancaCasablanca$2,350
Best of Morocco (Winter 2020 2021)10Insight VacationsEscortedCasablancaCasablanca$2,318
Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna & Prague (Winter 2020 2021)10Insight VacationsEscortedBudapestPrague$2,048
Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna & Prague (Winter 2019 2020)10Insight VacationsEscortedBudapestPrague$1,980
Best of Britain (Winter 2019 2020)11Insight VacationsEscortedLondonLondon$3,125
Best of Italy (Winter 2020 2021)11Insight VacationsEscortedRomeRome$2,813
Best of Italy end Rome (Winter 2019 2020)11Insight VacationsEscortedRomeRome$2,725
Wonders of Turkey (Winter 2020 2021)11Insight VacationsEscortedIstanbulIstanbul$1,995
Wonders of Turkey (Winter 2019 2020)11Insight VacationsEscortedIstanbulIstanbul$1,850
Road to Rome start Paris (Winter 2019 2020)12Insight VacationsEscortedParisRome$2,874
Country Roads of Ireland end Belfast (Winter 2020 2021)12Insight VacationsEscortedDublinBelfast$2,606
Country Roads of Ireland end Dublin (Winter 2020 2021)12Insight VacationsEscortedDublinDublin$2,606
Road to Rome (Winter 2019 2020)13Insight VacationsEscortedLondonRome$3,235
Israel and Jordan (Winter 2019 2020)14Insight VacationsEscortedTel AvivAmman$5,475
Highlights of Europe - start Amsterdam Return Eurostar, Winter 2019 202014Insight VacationsEscortedAmsterdamLondon$4,225
Highlights of Europe - start Amsterdam, Winter 2019 202014Insight VacationsEscortedAmsterdamParis$3,860
Highlights of Europe Return Eurostar (Winter 2020 2021)14Insight VacationsEscortedLondonLondon$3,776
Highlights of Europe (Winter 2020 2021)14Insight VacationsEscortedLondonParis$3,578
Highlights of Europe start Amsterdam Return Eurostar (Winter 2020 2021)14Insight VacationsEscortedAmsterdamLondon$3,434
Highlights of Europe start Amsterdam (Winter 2020 2021)14Insight VacationsEscortedAmsterdamParis$3,236
Highlights of Europe - Return Eurostar, Winter 2019 202015Insight VacationsEscortedLondonLondon$4,455
Highlights of Europe - Winter 2019 202015Insight VacationsEscortedLondonParis$4,225
Best of Spain & Portugal end Barcelona (Winter 2019 2020)15Insight VacationsEscortedMadridBarcelona$3,550
Best of Spain & Portugal end Madrid (Winter 2019 2020)15Insight VacationsEscortedMadridMadrid$3,550
Best of Spain & Portugal end Barcelona (Winter 2020 2021)15Insight VacationsEscortedMadridBarcelona$3,128
Best of Spain & Portugal end Madrid (Winter 2020 2021)15Insight VacationsEscortedMadridMadrid$3,128
Treasures of Turkey (Winter 2020 2021)15Insight VacationsEscortedIstanbulIstanbul$2,450
Israel and Jordan with Dead Sea (Winter 2019 2020)16Insight VacationsEscortedTel AvivAmman$6,025
Treasures of Spain, Portugal & Morocco (Winter 2019 2020)17Insight VacationsEscortedMadridMadrid$3,430

Tour and Cruise

When you combine a cruise with your tour package you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy part of your vacation by land staying overnight in some locations at hotels, taking in the local life and exploring day trips in your area, then enhance the remainder of your vacation on a cruise taking in all the benefits a ship has to offer.

Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends Price
Wonders of Egypt (Winter 2020 2021)09Insight VacationsTour & CruiseCairoCairo$3,095
Wonders of Egypt (Winter 2019 2020)09Insight VacationsTour & CruiseCairoCairo$2,875
Athens & Three Continents Cruise Premium (Winter 2020 2021)11Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,625
Athens & Three Continents Cruise Superior (Winter 2020 2021)11Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,525
Athens and Three Continents Cruise premier (Winter 2019 2020)11Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,450
Athens & Three Continents Cruise Standard (Winter 2020 2021)11Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,425
Athens and Three Continents Cruise premium (Winter 2019 2020)11Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,350
Athens and Three Continents Cruise Superior (Winter 2019 2020)11Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,250
Athens and Three Continents Cruise Standard (Winter 2019 2020)11Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$3,095
Splendours of Egypt (Winter 2020 2021)12Insight VacationsTour & CruiseCairoCairo$3,795
Splendours of Egypt (Winter 2019 2020)12Insight VacationsTour & CruiseCairoCairo$3,495
Glories of Greece & Three Continents Cruise Premium (Winter 2020 2021)15Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,850
Glories of Greece & Three Continents Cruise Superior (Winter 2020 2021)15Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,725
Glories of Greece & Three Continents Cruise Standard (Winter 2020 2021)15Insight VacationsTour & CruiseAthensAthens$4,650
Land of the Prophets (Winter 2020 2021)25Insight VacationsTour & CruiseTel AvivCairo$9,925

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