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Kenya Tours
Showing 1 - 40 Tours

Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends From
Kenya & Tanzania The Safari Experience 201815GlobusEscortedNairobiArusha$6,931
On Safari In Kenya 201809CosmosEscortedNairobiNairobi$2,849
On Safari In Kenya 201909CosmosEscortedNairobiNairobi$2,949
Kenya & Tanzania The Safari Experience With Nairobi 201816GlobusEscortedNairobiArusha$7,301
Kenya & Tanzania The Safari Experience With Zanzibar 201817GlobusEscortedNairobiDar es Salaam$7,975
Kenya & Tanzania The Safari Experience With Nairobi & Zanzibar 201818GlobusEscortedNairobiDar es Salaam$8,325
Kenya: A Classic Safari With Nairobi 201811GlobusEscortedNairobiNairobi$4,449
Kenya: A Timeless Safari 201810GlobusEscortedNairobiNairobi$4,079
Kenya & Tanzania The Safari Experience 201915GlobusEscortedNairobiArusha$7,882
Kenya & Tanzania The Safari Experience With Zanzibar 201917GlobusEscortedNairobiDar es Salaam$9,056
Kenya & Tanzania The Safari Experience With Nairobi 201916GlobusEscortedNairobiArusha$8,282
Kenya & Tanzania The Safari Experience With Nairobi & Zanzibar 201918GlobusEscortedNairobiDar es Salaam$9,436
Kenya: A Timeless Safari 201910GlobusEscortedNairobiNairobi$4,401
Kenya: A Classic Safari With Nairobi 201911GlobusEscortedNairobiNairobi$4,801
Kenya & Tanzania: A Classic Safari 201813TauckEscortedKilimanjaroNairobi$10,990
Kenya & Tanzania: A Classic Safari 201913TauckEscortedKilimanjaroNairobi$9,990
Kenya Wildlife Safari08IntrepidEscortedNairobiNairobi$1,220
Serengeti Trail08IntrepidGuided/HostedNairobiNairobi$1,467
Kenya & Tanzania Safari Under Canvas15IntrepidEscortedNairobiArusha$6,481
Gorillas & Game Parks16IntrepidEscortedNairobiNairobi$2,684
Zanzibar to Nairobi13IntrepidGuided/HostedStone TownNairobi$2,285
Kenya to Vic Falls27IntrepidEscortedNairobiVictoria Falls$3,840
Tanzania Family Safari08IntrepidGuided/HostedNairobiNairobi$2,095
Safari to Kilimanjaro - Machame Route16IntrepidGuided/HostedNairobiMarangu$5,013
Gorillas & Chimps In Depth21IntrepidGuided/HostedNairobiNairobi$3,881
Kenya Safari Under Canvas08IntrepidEscortedNairobiNairobi$2,771
The Masai Heartlands15IntrepidGuided/HostedNairobiNairobi$2,765
Kilimanjaro & Serengeti Adventure15IntrepidEscortedMaranguNairobi$4,995
Best of Tanzania17IntrepidGuided/HostedNairobiStone Town$5,635
Kenya to Cape Town48IntrepidEscortedNairobiCape Town$6,435
Gorillas, Game Parks & Beaches28IntrepidGuided/HostedNairobiStone Town$5,295
Road to Zanzibar13IntrepidEscortedNairobiStone Town$2,450
Africa Encompassed Southbound63IntrepidEscortedNairobiCape Town$9,350
Vic Falls to Gorillas43IntrepidGuided/HostedVictoria FallsNairobi$6,820
Beaches, Game Parks & Gorillas28IntrepidGuided/HostedStone TownNairobi$5,295
Best of East Africa21IntrepidGuided/HostedNairobiStone Town$3,650
Gorillas to Vic Falls42IntrepidGuided/HostedNairobiVictoria Falls$6,780
Stone Town to Nairobi10IntrepidGuided/HostedZanzibarNairobi$1,995
Vic Falls to Kenya28IntrepidEscortedVictoria FallsNairobi$3,895
Africa Experience37IntrepidEscortedCape TownArusha$15,930

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This East African country has some of the continent's best beaches, magnificent scenery and unparalleled opportunities for viewing wildlife. Most Kenya tours begin and end in Nairobi, the capital. On the outskirts of the city, you can visit the Karen Blixen Museum, which occupies the farmhouse made famous by the book "Out of Africa."<br> <br> But the real focus of any Kenya vacation is the game drives, where you explore the country's national parks and reserves "on safari." In a small van, traverse the forests and grasslands accompanied by knowledgeable guides who help you spot elephants, giraffes, zebra, antelope and a myriad of birdlife.<br> <br> Kenya is diversely populated, with many different tribes. Among the most famous are the red-clad Masai, who still lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle of cattle herding. Learn more about these proud people on your Kenya tour with a fascinating stay at the Masai Mara Game Reserve, home to an exceptional population of lions and hippopotami.

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