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NEW! 2019 Now Open for Sale! A premium cruise without the premium crowds. Adventure Cruising combines the real-life experiences of our tried and tested small-group trips with the added comfort of a well-appointed leisure cruise. But instead of shuffle board and onboard casinos, it's all about taking you to the smaller ports (the ones the bigger ships just can’t get to) and really taking you into the heart of the destination. Small, intimate, comfortable and local-led – this is cruising at its finest.

Small Ship Cruising

Small ship cruises take travelers where big ships simply cannot, such as to the exotic Galapagos Islands, where colorful birds and reptiles make their home in this remote location. Small ships also visit "mainstream" locales, such as the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii and the Mediterranean¦ but because the ships are able to maneuver in small coves and channels, they can dock at more intimate ports, making for a fascinating travel experience.

Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends Price
Cruising the Islands of Greece and Turkey08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingAthensAthens$3,955
Cruising Spain, Portugal and Morocco: Lisbon to Malaga08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingLisbonMalaga$3,805
Cruising Spain, Portugal & Morocco: Malaga to Lisbon (M/Y Harmony V)08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingMalagaLisbon$3,805
Cruising the Outer Islands of Croatia: Split to Dubrovnik08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingSplitDubrovnik$3,205
Cruising Iceland (The Icelandic): Akureyri to Reykjavik08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingAkureyriReykjavik$3,120
Cruising Iceland (The Icelandic) - Reykjavik to Akureyri08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingReykjavikAkureyri$3,120
Cruising Costa Rica & Panama: Costa Rica to Panama08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingPuntarenasPanama City$3,040
Cruising Costa Rica and Panama - Panama to Costa Rica08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingPanama CityPuntarenas$3,040
Cruising Spain and Portugal - Malaga to Lisbon08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingMalagaLisbon$3,005
Cruising Croatia's Northern Coast and Islands: Split to Venice08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingSplitVenice$2,835
Adriatic Coastal Cruising08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingDubrovnikDubrovnik$2,790
Cruising Croatia's Northern Coast and Islands: Venice to Split08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingVeniceSplit$2,780
Cruising Croatia's Central Coast08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingSplitSplit$2,675
Croatia Coastal Cruising: Split to Dubrovnik08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingSplitDubrovnik$2,635
Croatia Coastal Cruising: Dubrovnik to Split08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingDubrovnikSplit$2,635
Cruising in the Seychelles (Garden of Eden)08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingMaheMahe$2,600
Cruising the Cape Verde Islands08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingPalmeiraPalmeira$2,310
Cruising the Rivers of West Africa (Ex Dakar)08PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingDakarDakar$2,310
Cruising the Adriatic Coast: Dubrovnik to Athens09PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingDubrovnikAthens$4,040
Borneo Coastal Cruising - Kota Kinabalu to Kuching09PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingKota KinabaluKuching$3,625
Borneo Coastal Cruising: Kuching to Kota Kinabalu09PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingKota KinabaluKota Kinabalu$3,081
Cruising Thailand & Malaysia: Phuket to Penang09PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingPhuketPenang$2,436
Cruising Thailand & Malaysia: Penang to Phuket09PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingPenangPhuket$2,436
Cruising the Turkish Coast10PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingIstanbulIstanbul$3,245
Slovenia & Croatia by Land and Sea15PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingVeniceDubrovnik$6,020
Cruise Croatia: Dubrovnik to Split via Zadar15PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingDubrovnikSplit$5,760
Cruise Croatia: Dubrovnik to Venice via Split15PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingDubrovnikVenice$5,345
Cruise Croatia: Venice to Dubrovnik via Split15PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingVeniceDubrovnik$5,300
Cruise Croatia: Split to Dubrovnik via Zadar15PeregrineSmall Ship CruisingSplitDubrovnik$5,045

Tour and Cruise

When you combine a cruise with your tour package you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy part of your vacation by land staying overnight in some locations at hotels, taking in the local life and exploring day trips in your area, then enhance the remainder of your vacation on a cruise taking in all the benefits a ship has to offer.

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