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NEW! 2018 Now Open for Sale! Breath deep the awe-inspiring vistas on a vacation to Europe with SITA World Tours. Visit beautiful Vienna and see the Hofburg Palace, once the seat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Experience the majesty of the Kremlin in Moscow. All these and more are possible on a SITA World Tours vacation to Europe! 

Escorted Tour

Escorted Tours are our most popular product. Escorted tours are normally conducted by a tour director who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Escorted tours normally include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. Escorted Tours are conducted by motor-coach and usually no more than 2 nights are spent in each location visited. Escorted Tours are usually fast-paced and prices include much of the sightseeing.

Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends From
Discover The Highlands & Orkneys 201804SITA WorldEscortedInvernessInverness$2,160
North Lakes 201804SITA WorldEscortedMilanMilan$1,735
Reykjavik Christmas Special 201804SITA WorldEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$1,600
Italy Highlights I 201804SITA WorldEscortedRomeVenice$1,085
Heart of English Countryside 201805SITA WorldEscortedLondonLondon$2,365
"Canterbury Tales" Canterbury, Dover & 1066 Country 201805SITA WorldEscortedLondonLondon$2,280
Arctic Powers 2018/201905SITA WorldEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$1,960
Magnificent South From Rome 201805SITA WorldEscortedRomeSorrento$1,725
Southern Pearls From Rome 201805SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$1,710
Nature's Treasures and Northern Lights 2018/201905SITA WorldEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$1,685
Treasures And Flavors Of Umbria & Tuscany From Rome 201805SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$1,480
Italy Highlights II 201805SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$1,130
Morocco 201805SITA WorldEscortedCosta del SolCosta del Sol$915
Flavors of Athens 201805SITA WorldEscortedAthensAthens$685
Best of Switzerland 201806SITA WorldEscortedZurichZurich$3,625
Puglia's Slow Food Tour 201806SITA WorldEscortedBariBari$3,430
Ice Cave Tour and Highlights of South Shore 2018/201906SITA WorldEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$3,180
Family Winter Adventure in Iceland 201806SITA WorldEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$2,745
Best of Southern Ireland 201806SITA WorldEscortedDublinDublin$2,460
Wonders of Italy 201806SITA WorldEscortedRomeMilan$2,295
Hidden Powers & Northern Lights 2018/201906SITA WorldEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$2,075
Classical Greece 201806SITA WorldEscortedAthensAthens$1,120
Marvels of Greece 201806SITA WorldEscortedAthensAthens$925
Deluxe Switzerland 201807SITA WorldEscortedSt. MoritzBerne$4,855
Berlin & The Best Of Saxony 201807SITA WorldEscortedBerlinBerlin$4,235
Sardinia Gourmet Tour 201807SITA WorldEscortedCagliariCagliari$3,930
Malta Highlights 201807SITA WorldEscortedMaltaMalta$3,430
Pristine Sardinia Tour 201807SITA WorldEscortedCagliariCagliari$3,395
Highlights of Cornwall 201807SITA WorldEscortedLondonLondon$3,185
Tuscany Absolute 201807SITA WorldEscortedFlorenceCortona$3,150
Ideal Classic Tour & Bella Milano 201807SITA WorldEscortedRomeMilan$2,225
Andalucia & Toledo 201807SITA WorldEscortedMadridMadrid$1,985
Fantasia Siciliana 201807SITA WorldEscortedPalermoCatania$1,955
Magical Bavaria 201807SITA WorldEscortedMunichFrankfurt$1,430
Russian Capitals 201807SITA WorldEscortedSt. PetersburgMoscow$1,380
Aspects of Greece 201807SITA WorldEscortedAthensAthens$1,360
Wonders of Greece 201807SITA WorldEscortedAthensAthens$1,345
Splendor of Three Cultures with Toledo 2018/201907SITA WorldEscortedMadridMadrid$1,215
Athens, Mykonos & Santorini 201807SITA WorldEscortedAthensSantorini$1,100
Christmas with Santa Claus 201808SITA WorldEscortedHelsinkiHelsinki$4,620
Scottish Landscape 201808SITA WorldEscortedEdinburghEdinburgh$4,035
Edinburgh to London Through England's East 201808SITA WorldEscortedEdinburghLondon$3,755
North Italy 201808SITA WorldEscortedRomeMilan$3,695
Journey Around Iceland 201808SITA WorldEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$3,600
Wales - National Parks & Castles 201808SITA WorldEscortedCardiffCardiff$3,550
Sunny Italy 201808SITA WorldEscortedRomeSorrento$2,985
Heart of Italy 201808SITA WorldEscortedRomeFlorence$2,340
Grand Train Tour of Switzerland 201808SITA WorldEscortedZurichLucerne$2,175
Rome Treasures and Flavors of Umbria Tuscany 201808SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$2,145
Northern Spain & Portugal 201808SITA WorldEscortedSantiago de CompostelaMadrid$2,030
Romantic Germany 201808SITA WorldEscortedFrankfurtMunich$2,000
Historical Greece 201808SITA WorldEscortedAthensAthens$1,925
Italy Highlights III 201808SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$1,720
Splendor of Three Cultures with Toledo with Barcelona 2018/201908SITA WorldEscortedBarcelonaMadrid$1,675
Magical Greece 201808SITA WorldEscortedAthensAthens$1,595
Baltic Triangle 201808SITA WorldEscortedTallinnSt. Petersburg$1,590
Costa Del Sol & Morocco 2018/201908SITA WorldEscortedCosta del SolCosta del Sol$1,540
Baltic Highlights Deluxe 201808SITA WorldEscortedVilniusTallinn$1,350
Gems of Andalucia with Toledo and Madrid 201808SITA WorldEscortedMadridMadrid$1,345
Baltic Classical 201808SITA WorldEscortedVilniusTallinn$1,235
Baltic Highlights 201808SITA WorldEscortedVilniusTallinn$1,155
Baltic Highlights Light 201808SITA WorldEscortedVilniusTallinn$990
Mountains & Lakes of Switzerland and Italy 201809SITA WorldEscortedZurichZurich$5,640
Natural Wonders of Switzerland 201809SITA WorldEscortedZurichZurich$5,280
Royal Tour of Britain 201809SITA WorldEscortedEdinburghLondon$4,515
Battle of Britain 201809SITA WorldEscortedLondonLondon$4,395
Vineyards & Mountains from Paris to Nice 201809SITA WorldEscortedParisNice$4,215
La Belle France 201809SITA WorldEscortedParisParis$4,215
Bordeaux to Midi-Pyrennes & Dordogne 201809SITA WorldEscortedBordeauxBordeaux$4,210
Iceland In Depth - Summer 201809SITA WorldEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$4,095
The Shades of South 201809SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$3,725
Iceland In Depth - Winter 2018/201909SITA WorldEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$3,510
Lakes & Mediterranean Harmony 201809SITA WorldEscortedMestreSplit$3,205
Lake & Mediterranean Harmony 201909SITA WorldEscortedMestreSplit$3,180
Renaissance Cities & Splendid Tour From Rome 201809SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$2,835
Absolute Italy 201809SITA WorldEscortedRomeVenice$2,720
Flavors Of Tuscany The Enchanting Cinqueterre & Splendid Tour From Rome 201809SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$2,530
Spanish Delights with Barcelona 2018/201909SITA WorldEscortedBarcelonaBarcelona$2,405
Spanish Delights with Madrid 2018/201909SITA WorldEscortedMadridBarcelona$1,995
Croatian Rhapsody 201909SITA WorldEscortedZagrebDubrovnik$1,915
The Czar Route 201809SITA WorldEscortedHelsinkiMoscow$1,880
Gems of Andalucia & Costa Del Sol with Toledo 201809SITA WorldEscortedBarcelonaMadrid$1,770
Madrid, Andalucia & Costa Del Sol with Toledo 2018/201909SITA WorldEscortedMadridMadrid$1,485
Hiking in Iceland 201810SITA WorldEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$5,100
Country & Coast Escape 201810SITA WorldEscortedSydneyAdelaide$4,150
Taste of Britain 201810SITA WorldEscortedLondonEdinburgh$3,670
Fabulous Scandinavia 201810SITA WorldEscortedCopenhagenStockholm$3,610
Ideal Classic & Flavors Of Tuscany The Enchanting Cinqueterre From Rome 201810SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$3,130
Magnificent South & Flavors Of Tuscany The Enchanting Cinqueterre From Rome 201810SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$2,970
Italy Highlights IV 201810SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$2,655
Greece - The Grand Tour 201810SITA WorldEscortedAthensAthens$2,480
Portugal & Andalucia 201810SITA WorldEscortedMadridMadrid$2,175
Russian Capitals and Tatarstan 201810SITA WorldEscortedSt. PetersburgKazan$2,040
Russian Capitals and Golden Ring 201810SITA WorldEscortedSt. PetersburgMoscow$2,035
Baltic Capitals 201810SITA WorldEscortedRigaSt. Petersburg$2,000
Baltic Metropoles 201810SITA WorldEscortedVilniusHelsinki$1,760
Baltic Impressions 201810SITA WorldEscortedTallinnTallinn$1,560
Discovery of the Channel Islands - London to Paris 201811SITA WorldEscortedLondonParis$5,715
Iceland Across the Wilderness 201811SITA WorldEscortedReykjavikReykjavik$5,165
Legends of Scandinavia 201811SITA WorldEscortedStockholmCopenhagen$4,590
Amalfi Coast, Rome & Tuscany 201811SITA WorldEscortedSorrentoFlorence$4,255
Fantasia Mediterranea 201811SITA WorldEscortedRomeCatania$3,380
Italy Highlights V 201811SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$2,770
Belarus and Baltic Explorer 201811SITA WorldEscortedMinskTallinn$1,940
Ireland - Icons and Gems 201812SITA WorldEscortedDublinDublin$4,470
Ideal Classic & Magnificent South From Rome 201812SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$3,730
Italy Highlights VI 201812SITA WorldEscortedRomeRome$3,295
Germany's Southern Highlights 201812SITA WorldEscortedFrankfurtFrankfurt$3,110
The Heart Of Germany & Berlin 201813SITA WorldEscortedFrankfurtBerlin$3,765
Heart Of Germany & Prague 201813SITA WorldEscortedFrankfurtPrague$3,570
The Heart Of Germany & Prague 201813SITA WorldEscortedFrankfurtPrague$3,570
Portugal Andalucia & Mediterranean Capitals 201813SITA WorldEscortedMadridMadrid$2,785
Baltic Revelation 201813SITA WorldEscortedVilniusSt. Petersburg$2,490
Polish & Baltic Jewels 201813SITA WorldEscortedKrakowTallinn$2,250
Madrid, Portugal & Andalusia 2018/201914SITA WorldEscortedMadridMadrid$2,760
Madrid, Portugal, Andalusia & Mediterranean Capitals 201816SITA WorldEscortedMadridMadrid$3,370
Baltic and Russian Explorer 201816SITA WorldEscortedVilniusMoscow$3,150
Baltic Adventure 201816SITA WorldEscortedTallinnTallinn$2,135
Fantasia All Italy 201817SITA WorldEscortedRomeCatania$4,850
Portugal Andalucia & Morocco 201818SITA WorldEscortedMadridMadrid$3,275
Scandinavian & Russian Treasures 201819SITA WorldEscortedCopenhagenMoscow$5,640
Madrid, Portugal, Andalusia & Morocco 201821SITA WorldEscortedMadridMadrid$3,855

Guided/Hosted Tour

Guided Tours are somewhat similar to Escorted tours but passengers are greeted by a local representative rather than a Tour Director and will not be escorted to all activities and functions. Local guides will be available to answer questions through the duration of the tour. Some meals, accommodations and sightseeing may be included in your tour. This style is ideal for people who want some freedom but still have the comfort of a guide.

Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends From
Fantasia Romantica 201804SITA WorldGuided/HostedVeniceMilan$1,500
Renaissance Cities From Rome 201804SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$1,445
Flavors Of Tuscany The Enchanting Cinque Terre From Rome 201804SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$1,140
Ischia From Rome 201804SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$1,085
Barcelona 201804SITA WorldGuided/HostedBarcelonaBarcelona$920
Madrid 201804SITA WorldGuided/HostedMadridMadrid$765
Ticino Outdoor "Back to Nature" 201804SITA WorldGuided/HostedLocarnoLocarno$745
Athens City Break 201804SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensAthens$550
The Art Cities From Rome 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeVenice$1,600
Famous Mountain Peaks 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedInterlakenZermatt$1,395
Italy - The Sorrentine Peninsula & Capri 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$1,395
Splendid Tour From Rome 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$1,295
Flavors of Ireland 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedDublinDublin$1,260
Switzerland's Best 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedLucerneInterlaken$1,105
Athens & Crete 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensHeraklion$920
Jewels of Greece 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensAthens$820
Flavors of Greece 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensAthens$780
Athens & Santorini 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensSantorini$755
Athens & Mykonos 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensMykonos$725
Athens & Paros 201805SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensParos$710
Switzerland and the Glacier Express 201806SITA WorldGuided/HostedZurichZurich$5,285
Glaciers and Volcanoes 201806SITA WorldGuided/HostedReykjavikReykjavik$2,545
Ideal Classic Tour From Rome 201806SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeMilan$1,900
Rome & Positano 201806SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$1,815
Rome - The Sorrentine Peninsula & Capri 201806SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$1,565
Italy - Rome & Amalfi Coast 201806SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$1,550
Greece and Zorba 201806SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensAthens$1,095
Jewels of Ireland's North 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedGalwayBelfast$3,450
Renaissance Cities & Sorrentine Peninsula From Rome 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$2,375
Artistic Italy 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeVenice$2,330
Switzerland's Traditions 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedZurichBasel$2,180
Italian Renaissance 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$2,180
Flavors Of Tuscany The Enchanting Cinque Terre & Sorrentine Peninsula From Rome 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$2,070
Flavors Of Tuscany 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$1,875
Rome & Ischia 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$1,820
Athens, Santorini & Crete 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensCrete$1,135
Pearls of Greece 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensSantorini$1,090
Athens, Paros & Mykonos 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensMykonos$1,025
Athens, Syros & Mykonos 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensMykonos$1,005
Athens, Paros & Santorini 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensSantorini$960
Athens, Syros & Paros 201807SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensParos$950
Italy - The Magnificent South 201808SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$3,245
Classic Italy 201808SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeMilan$2,635
Italy - Southern Pearls 201808SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$2,445
Swiss Fairy Tale - Summer 201808SITA WorldGuided/HostedZurichGeneva$2,050
Italy - Splendid Tour 201808SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$2,030
Rome and Splendid Maiori (Amalfi Coast) 201808SITA WorldGuided/HostedRomeRome$2,030
Highlights of Switzerland 201808SITA WorldGuided/HostedLucerneInterlaken$2,015
Switzerland's Peaks 201808SITA WorldGuided/HostedZurichGeneva$1,955
Memorable Ireland 201808SITA WorldGuided/HostedDublinDublin$1,895
Athens, Mykonos, Santorini & Crete 201809SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensCrete$1,510
Best of Greece 201809SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensSantorini$1,465
Classical Greece, Mykonos & Santorini 201810SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensSantorini$1,780
Wonders of Greece, Mykonos & Santorini 201811SITA WorldGuided/HostedAthensSantorini$2,025
Ireland Discovery 201812SITA WorldGuided/HostedDublinDublin$3,000
Madrid, Andalusia and Morocco 2018/201915SITA WorldGuided/HostedMadridMadrid$2,865

Independent Vacation

These vacations usually spend 2 or 3 nights in each location visited and usually only a few locations are visited. A tour guide is normally not included, but there is a usually a host available to answer questions and suggest sightseeing. Few meals and some sightseeing are typically included, but a lot of free time to explore is available. These vacations are ideal for independent travelers looking to set their own pace.

River Cruise

A River Cruise is basically a tour that is conducted on a small or medium sized cruise-ship and travels via rivers instead of rail or road.

Small Ship Cruising

Small ship cruises take travelers where big ships simply cannot, such as to the exotic Galapagos Islands, where colorful birds and reptiles make their home in this remote location. Small ships also visit "mainstream" locales, such as the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii and the Mediterranean¦ but because the ships are able to maneuver in small coves and channels, they can dock at more intimate ports, making for a fascinating travel experience.

Tour and Cruise

This is a tour or independent vacation that also has an accompanying cruise. The cruise is at least 3 nights or more. Tours with a one-day or overnight cruise are simply considered Escorted Tours.

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