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NEW! 2018 Now Open for Sale! Submerse yourself in a diverse range of culture, history and natural wonders with Tauck's Exotic journeys. See the sun rise on the Taj Mahal, join a safari in Africa, or wonder in the desert outback in Australia. Whatever your exotic destination of choice is you are sure to be wowed by Tauck Exotic vacations.

Escorted Tour

Escorted Tours are our most popular product. Escorted tours are normally conducted by a tour director who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Escorted tours normally include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. Escorted Tours are conducted by motor-coach and usually no more than 2 nights are spent in each location visited. Escorted Tours are usually fast-paced and prices include much of the sightseeing.

Tour Itinerary Days Operator Quality Style Starts Ends From
Cuba: Connecting with People and Culture 201807TauckEscortedMiamiMiami$5,990
Cuba: Connecting with People and Culture 201907TauckEscortedMiamiMiami$5,790
Mystical Peru 201908TauckEscortedLimaLima$4,690
Mystical Peru 201808TauckEscortedLimaLima$4,490
Costa Rica - Pura Vida 201908TauckEscortedSan JoseSan Jose$3,690
Costa Rica - Pura Vida 201808TauckEscortedSan JoseSan Jose$3,590
Costa Rica: Jungles & Rainforests 201908TauckEscortedSan JoseLiberia$3,590
Costa Rica: Jungles & Rainforests 201808TauckEscortedSan JoseLiberia$3,390
Great Migration: Tanzania & Kenya 201909TauckEscortedArushaNairobi$10,590
Spotlight on New Zealand 201910TauckEscortedWellingtonAuckland$6,990
Tanzania: Serengeti to Zanzibar 201910TauckEscortedArushaDar es Salaam$6,990
Spotlight on New Zealand 201810TauckEscortedWellingtonAuckland$6,490
Tanzania: Serengeti to Zanzibar 201810TauckEscortedKilimanjaroDar es Salaam$6,390
Magic of Morocco 201910TauckEscortedRabatMarrakesh$5,990
Patagonia 201911TauckEscortedSantiagoBuenos Aires$7,790
Spotlight on Australia 201811TauckEscortedMelbourneSydney$7,290
Patagonia 201811TauckEscortedSantiagoBuenos Aires$6,990
Spotlight on Australia 201911TauckEscortedMelbourneSydney$6,990
Spotlight on India 201911TauckEscortedNew DelhiNew Delhi$6,990
Botswana, South Africa & Zambia 201912TauckEscortedLivingstoneCape Town$12,990
Botswana, South Africa & Zambia 201812TauckEscortedLivingstoneCape Town$12,890
South Africa: An Elegant Adventure 201912TauckEscortedCape TownJohannesburg$9,990
South Africa: An Elegant Adventure 201812TauckEscortedCape TownJohannesburg$8,890
Spotlight on India 201812TauckEscortedNew DelhiNew Delhi$8,190
Cuba: A Cultural Odyssey 201812TauckEscortedMiamiMiami$7,690
Empire of the Incas: Peru & Bolivia 201912TauckEscortedLimaLa Paz$6,490
Empire of the Incas: Peru & Bolivia 201812TauckEscortedLimaLa Paz$6,290
Mountain Gorilla Safari: Tanzania, Zanzibar & Rwanda 201913TauckEscortedArushaKigali$15,790
Essence of Japan 201913TauckEscortedTokyoTokyo$11,390
Kenya & Tanzania: A Classic Safari 201813TauckEscortedKilimanjaroNairobi$10,990
Essence of Japan 201813TauckEscortedTokyoTokyo$10,290
Kenya & Tanzania: A Classic Safari 201913TauckEscortedKilimanjaroNairobi$9,990
Kingdoms & Dragons: Singapore to Bali 201914TauckEscortedSingaporeBali$10,990
Essence of South America 201814TauckEscortedSantiagoRio de Janeiro$8,990
Essence of South America 201914TauckEscortedSantiagoRio de Janeiro$8,490
Israel and Jordan 201814TauckEscortedTel AvivAmman$7,990
Israel and Jordan 201914TauckEscortedTel AvivAmman$6,290
Mountain Gorilla Safari: Kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda 201916TauckEscortedArushaKigali$17,590
China, the Yangtze River & Hong Kong 201916TauckEscortedBeijingHong Kong$8,490
Odyssey in China: Beijing, Chengdu & Hong Kong 201916TauckEscortedBeijingHong Kong$8,390
Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand 201916TauckEscortedHanoiBangkok$8,290
Indochina: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos 201916TauckEscortedHanoiHanoi$7,890
Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand 201816TauckEscortedHanoiBangkok$7,790
Indochina: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos 201816TauckEscortedHanoiHanoi$7,690
Northern India & Nepal 201917TauckEscortedNew DelhiMumbai$11,390
Northern India & Nepal 201817TauckEscortedNew DelhiMumbai$10,990
India & Bhutan, Heart of the Himalayas 201918TauckEscortedNew DelhiNew Delhi$15,990
A Portrait of India 201918TauckEscortedNew DelhiMumbai$9,590
Grand Australia & New Zealand 201820TauckEscortedMelbourneAuckland$13,590
Grand Australia & New Zealand 201920TauckEscortedMelbourneAuckland$13,590

Small Ship Cruising

Small ship cruises take travelers where big ships simply cannot, such as to the exotic Galapagos Islands, where colorful birds and reptiles make their home in this remote location. Small ships also visit "mainstream" locales, such as the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii and the Mediterranean¦ but because the ships are able to maneuver in small coves and channels, they can dock at more intimate ports, making for a fascinating travel experience.

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