13 Images That Will Make You Want To Visit Antarctica

Experience another level of  Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands. The gleaming white ice and sapphire blue waters are all running rampant with wildlife. Wander shorelines teeming with penguin rookeries and gaze at the krill welling up from the deep icy waters. Guest may choose to embark on a panoramic voyage that includes the biodiverse environment of South Georgia and the unspoiled Falklands before, heading to the wild shores of Antarctica. Prepare to be awestruck by the level of Antarctica abundance.

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  1. Your pictures are not accurate !!! You have several pictures of king penguins, and they are on South Georgia Island, not in Antarctica. You also have a polar bear which is not in Antarctica . We have traveled to Antarctica three times, and so speak from experience. You are misleading your viewers !!!

    1. Hello, thanks for the info. Many Abercrombie & Kent Antarctica cruises stop in South Georgia and the Falklands, so we wanted to highlight all the wildlife from the different destinations. Sorry for the confusion!

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