5 Different Types of Travelers

Everyone has different needs in a vacation, and everyone has a different way they like to vacation. Some people prefer up-tempo, adventurous vacations that include lots of sightseeing. Other people prefer something with maximum relaxation and as little activity as possible. Some people want group interactions and to meet new people, locals and fellow vacationers; others want to be left alone.

Today we’ll look at some of the different types of vacationers and how they might best plan their vacations. If you recognize yourself in one of these types, perhaps this will help you when planning your next vacation.

Budget Traveler

The budget traveler is someone looking to put the “Affordable” in Affordable Tours. Whether out of necessity or as a challenge, the budget vacation calls for flexibility, leaving many elements unplanned, so that the vacationer can enjoy as many free or inexpensive activities as he or she can discover.

Budget Vacations To Europe

The budget travel will have a certain amount of creativity and independence, necessary qualities to planning a vacation where you’ll be frequently left on your own to experiment.

For budget travelers, independent tours with the bare minimum of pre-planned activities are best. Having some guide to the best free things to do in a particular region, or the cheapest places to stay and modes of transport, will help as well.

Cultural Traveler

A cultural traveler is someone who travels looking for cultural enrichment. Europe is often popular for the cultural traveler, as so many of its countries and cities have hundreds of years of well-preserved history, but of course it is by no means the only area cultural traveling is possible. Cultural traveling generally consists of a combination of experiencing the history of a region and its current local culture.

AffordableTours.com offers packages of guided tours with local hosts, which generally both provide local guidance to the best sights to see as well as opportunities to have experiences the locals do (a dinner with a local family, for example).

Free Spirit

Somewhere between the budget traveler and the adventure traveler lies the free spirit / independent traveler. The free spirit will generally prefer a less well-planned vacation, although without the budgetary constraints a budget traveler might have. A free-spirited vacationer will similarly be less interested in overt planning, with the same willingness to take up whatever adventure strikes them at the time, but without having to restrict themselves for budgetary or other reasons.

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While a free spirit generally travels independently, it’s not unheard of for a group of them with similar vacation goals to travel together.

Group Traveler

The group traveler enjoys the social aspects of traveling as much as anything else. The group traveler not only rarely travels alone, but also signs up for group tours, where they might be able to meet and interact with other travelers.

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For the group traveler, AffordableTours.com offers many guided group tours, with small enough group sizes to feel personal, and a guide with a knowledge of the area and the sights to see to create a memorable experience. The group traveler is generally looking for a vacation where they can bond with others, and a guided group tour is a great way to do that.

Adventure Traveler

The adventure traveler is slightly different from the cultural traveler in that they are more interested in unique experiences than historical sights. Historical constructions that allow for more exploring tend to be popular, and large natural areas are often an important part of an adventure traveler’s itinerary.

Learn More About Adventure Tours

Adventure tours are tours uniquely designed for adventure travelers, with destinations like these in mind. (For example, an adventure tour to Peru might include a day at Machu Picchu as well as a tour of the islands of Lake Titicaca.) Certain river cruises also contain stops where the tourists can explore the surrounding terrain or artifacts.

Whatever kind of traveler you are, or think you may want to be, AffordableTours.com has the right vacation package for you. Visit us today at www.affordabletours.com and we’ll offer you the personal service and care you deserve in finding a vacation.