5 Unique Ways Coffee is Served Around The World

If you love coffee and want to find new flavors to add to your favorite beverage, here are five unique ways the popular caffeinated drink is served around the world.

Turk Kahvesi

Fine coffee grounds are boiled in a traditional kettle heated until the mixture rises and foams. The coffee is served unfiltered in a porcelain cup accompanied by Turkish delights, other sweets, and water. The specific preparation of this intense coffee was a part of Turkish marriage rites and made it to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. , but now it’s more of a polite gesture to welcome guests and drink while sharing a conversation.


Characterized by tiny white cups, the Italian Espresso is known worldwide. Espresso shots are “pulled” by hot water pressurized through finely-ground coffee. This Italian drink has a strong coffee flavor and is meant to be sipped and enjoyed slowly. There are other varieties to the espresso, like Cafe Romano, which is served with lemon to give the shot a less bitter taste and Affogato, a shot of espresso poured over vanilla gelato.

Cà Phê Trung 

If you prefer sweets, this will be your favorite. Condensed milk and egg yolks are whisked until they become fluffy and frothy and then placed on top of a dark brew. Just stir and enjoy! In the ’70s, there was a milk shortage in Vietnam so egg yolks were used as a substitute. The egg yolk tones down the bitterness and makes for a smoother and creamier beverage. This Vietnamese drink can be served either hot or cold, so it’s perfect year-round.

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We wouldn’t be talking about coffee if we didn’t mention Brazil. Much like a Cuban Cafesito, the Brazillian Cafezhino is sweetened while brewing instead of after. It is served in smaller cups and it is very strong. Water and sugar are heated in a saucepan and then the coffee grounds are added and strained through a cloth filter. This simple brew is a favorite among locals and offered almost anywhere you go in the country.

Cafe Touba

In Senegal, coffee beans are roasted with Guinea pepper. The African pepper infuses the coffee with a cardamom-like fragrance and a special spicy kick. The mixture is ground, brewed, filtered, and served with large amounts of sugar. The coffee was named after the city Touba, located near Dakar, where the sugary and fragrant drink is sold at multiple Touba stand on the street.

All of these specialty coffees represent a part of the culture and history of each country. Next time you find yourself in one of these destinations of the world, try a cup of their traditionally served coffee.