A Guide to Tour Quality and Price

One of the great features AffordableTours.com’s partners offer is the ability to take a vacation within any size budget. (Hey, that’s why we’re called ‘Affordable Tours’, after all.) Through AffordableTours.com, you can book vacations across any price range and comfort level. Our budget vacations allow the fiscally conscious to still enjoy a holiday without worrying about the expense, while our luxury vacations give the premium shopper the finest amenities on a vacation, with every detail planned and accounted for with care.

Read on to learn more about the various classes of vacation and tour quality offered through AffordableTours.com.

(note: Prices listed do not include airfare)

Budget Tours

The budget tours are our best option for people who want a special vacation experience that won’t put too much of a dent in their finances. Our budget tours typically run about $45 – $100 per day. (These prices, of course, vary depending on the location of the tour and the time of year you take your vacation.) A budget vacation will usually involve stays in three-and-a-half-star hotels, which may or may not be centrally located for what you want to see at your destination.

Budget tours also save money by limiting the amount of pre-planned events, tours, and sightseeing. Without having to pay tour guides or reserve private tours, the travel company can save money, and you see those savings passed on to you.

While the lack of planned activities and sightseeing is a way to keep the tour’s cost in the range of the budget vacationer, this could actually be a benefit for the intrepid explorer. While you won’t have guides pointing you to the must-see things to do on your stops, you will have the freedom to wander leisurely and explore at your own pace, and with a little advanced preparation, you can create your own vacation itinerary for each stop.

Cosmos Tours is one of our most popular partners in offering budget tours.

First Class Tours

If you’ve got a little more money to spend, you can upgrade your amenities and number of prepaid, planned activities with a first-class tour. A first-class tour manages to fill in many of the details that you will have to plan for yourself on a budget tour, while still being affordable.

The typical first-class tour will cost somewhere between $100 to $185 a day. The hotels will be an upgrade from the budget tour; you’ll generally stay at four- or five-star hotels. These hotels will also be more centrally located to the major attractions at each destination. Rather than having to plan your own meals and itinerary, these tours will include many of your meals and sightseeing prepaid in the package.

You’ll still have enough freedom to see anything you want to see that isn’t planned for the tour, but you’ll also have many activities included and nicer accommodations, and for not much more than the costs of a budget tour.

AffordableTours.com counts Globus Tours and Trafalgar Tours among their partners for offering first-class vacation packages.

Deluxe Tours

Even further up the scale of tour quality, you will find deluxe tours. Beyond the level of first-class tours, deluxe tours see much more care and preparation put into their planning. Group sizes on tours are smaller, so as to provide a more intimate experience. You will have more prepaid meals on this tour than you would on a first-class tour, and those will be at local fine dining establishments. A deluxe tour will board you at five- or six-star hotels. For tours and sightseeing, the deluxe tour provides many more sights planned and prepaid, with an eye toward seeing the best and most popular of what a destination has to offer.

For all that, the deluxe tour is not that much more in cost than the first-class tour. You can book a deluxe tour with AffordableTours.com generally for around $185 to $375 a day. Take a look at the offerings from Insight Vacations and Tauck Tours for some examples of deluxe tours you can book with us.

Luxury Tours

The luxury tour is for the vacationers who want the best of everything, want their tours to be fully planned by experienced professionals, and want a vacation completely free from worry over any of the little things.

A luxury tour will cost you at least $375 a day, but for that you will get:

  • The top-rated accommodations at every stop, with the best amenities available.
  • Gourmet meals at some of the world’s finest restaurants.
  • Even smaller tour groups and more exclusive tours.
  • An unfailing attention to detail by the tour staff.

That last one is the real difference with a luxury tour. You won’t have to worry about or plan a thing, as the luxury tours pride themselves on being meticulous. They want you to relax and trust that they have thought of everything and have prepared to address all your needs.

Travcoa Tours and Abercrombie and Kent Tours are two of AffordableTours.com partners offering luxury vacations.

Take a look at some options that suit you and start planning your next trip now! If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-935-2620 and our travel consultants will be able to assist you with your vacation plans.

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