Commitment To Our Travelers

Commitment To Our Travelers

Since our company started in 1999, the way we have conducted business has been different than many others in the industry. We put customer service and client satisfaction at the forefront of every conversation, while offering the lowest prices on travel. This mentality has evolved to become a commitment we strive for with all of our clients that we have had the pleasure of working with every day. A commitment to deliver award winning service, the lowest prices and complete client satisfaction.

To reinforce our commitment that has been driving us since day one, we anchored our promise on every point of contact we have with our clients: every page of our website, our travel blog, all of our email newsletters and our business cards. These serve as a daily reminder to our employees and to our clients that our core values are embedded in every aspect of how we do business.

Award winning service

Because of our personalized service, workplace integrity and quality business practices, we have earned many awards from leaders in the industry. One that we are most proud of is our Pinnacle Award, the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) highest honor. With our A+ BBB rating and receiving BBB awards every year, it showcases our ongoing commitment to our valued clients.

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Lowest Prices

We believe that finding the lowest price on travel should be easy and that’s why included our Lowest Price Guarantee as a part of our ongoing pledge. In plain text, with no fine print or legal meaningless language, we promise that if you find the same tour for less, we’ll match the price and send you an AmEx gift card. This guarantee allows our clients to shop with confidence when booking their dream vacation. Read more about our Low Price Guarantee here.

Client satisfaction

Most importantly, the final pillar of our promise is complete and total satisfaction of every client.  The feedback and reviews we receive from our travelers keeps us motivated to do the best we can every day. We take direct feedback very seriously and have implemented many channels for our travelers to express praise, as well as concern. We have a dedicated Customer Service team that is always available to answer client questions. We supply and monitor different social media platforms across the internet for our travelers to leave genuine, unaltered and unfiltered feedback, where ever they are most comfortable, like BBB, TrustPilot, Google+ and Facebook.

Our company culture has always acted as the foundation for us to reach our goals in how we do business. Our traveler’s needs and interests are the centerpiece of our work and our promise to provide award winning service, lowest prices and client satisfaction is embedded in our commitment.