Airplane Essentials For Long Flights

Most people don’t like going through the trouble of air travel and just want to get their vacation started already. Although we wish we could skip the long and uncomfortable flights overall, we can make them better with this list of airplane essentials.


Headphones are useful in any situation, but they are essential when traveling. You can listen to music or watch movies without bothering others, or without others bothering you. You can even wear them to sleep to help cancel out the buzz of the plane and sleep as calmly as ever.

Water Bottle

Having a water bottle with you at all times prevents dehydration and when you’re thousands of feet up in the air, it’s more important than ever. Just remember to fill up a reusable water bottle before boarding and you can sip on it throughout the entire flight.

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Flying can make your skin very dry, so take travel size containers of lotion, your favorite moisturizer, and lip balm onboard to renew your skin. However, try to avoid anything that might have a strong scent. Sunscreen is also very important, the high altitudes expose your skin to a lot of harmful rays!


Make sure to take your phone charger and a portable charger with you. Without them, you might face hours without some form of distraction. Although most planes offer entertainment, having a couple of games, movies, music, or books downloaded on your phone is always helpful. You can switch it up once you feel like you can’t sit still for another minute and keep yourself entertained for longer.

Eye Mask

Sleeping on a plane is pretty uncomfortable. There are distractions everywhere and the lights are never fully off. With a sleeping mask, you can cancel out bright screens and uncomfortable lights to fall asleep faster. 

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The only thing left to have the best sleep on a plane is a small blanket. It might get cold on the plane and it’s better to take your own than be cold for hours. Plus, you could always use it on your vacation.

Hand Sanitizer and Disinfecting Wipes

Prevent yourself from getting sick by using hand sanitizer, and wiping down your seat and table with a disinfecting wipe. Why ruin your vacation before it even starts?


A small pack of mints is a convenient and smart thing to take on your carry-on. Mints are less disruptive than gum, so you don’t annoy your neighbors. Plus, mints are a great way to freshen up a bit before leaving the plane.

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This list will make traveling less stressful and a bit more enjoyable. They are the basic airplane essentials, and you can always customize your list for better flights.

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