Best Europe Wine River Cruises With AmaWaterways

Wine River Cruises With AmaWaterways

AmaWaterways gives you the relaxing accommodations of a five-star hotel, and easily takes you from one amazing destination to the next. These four wine river cruises with AmaWaterways will take you to four different UNESCO-designated regions that are essential to the making of authentic European wines. Not only will you learn the whole process of making wine, you will also savor them throughout your trip. Each wine cruise is hosted by knowledgeable wine experts and sommeliers that will provide the greatest wines and the best local flavors in each pairing.

Europe’s Rivers & Castles: Germany

Wine River Cruises With AmaWaterways

Aboard this cruise, you will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Upper Middle Rhine Valley, and cruise the second largest river in all of Europe, the Danube. Before its reputation for amazing beer, Germany was known for its wine production. Since Roman times, Riesling grapes thrive best in Germany’s soil, consequently this country makes the best Rieslings. The wines are characterized by a high acidity, and range from dry to intensely sweet. If there is anything Germany is known for, it’s iconic castles scattered throughout the country. After a day filled with history, and local adventures, the only way to properly end the day is with the smoky flavors of a Rauchbier.

Taste of Bordeaux: France

Wine River Cruises With AmaWaterways

In southwestern France, divided by two rivers, is Bordeaux, the largest controlled wine region in France. It is made up of sub regions and they each have their own unique climate, and territory that define it. The wines that come from this region are named after the château and appellation they come from. The highlight of Bordeaux is the town Saint-Émilion, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the beautiful landscape and great architecture that its cathedral and catacombs offer. This appellation is also famous for its world-renowned red wines, specifically Merlot and Cabernet Franc, and it also claims to be the birthplace of macarons!

Enticing Douro: Portugal

Wine River Cruises With AmaWaterways

Portugal successfully earned its reputation as one of the wine capitals of the world with two exclusive wines. Port wines are typically sweet, since the fermentation is stopped by adding brandy to the mixture, this leaves a lot of sugar and a high alcohol content. The most popular styles are Ruby, Tawny, and Vintage, all red wines, and are best paired with sweet desserts or rich cheeses. Another famous Portuguese wine, Vinho Verde meaning “young wine”, comes from the northern part of the country in The Douro Valley. This wine is bottled 3 to 6 months after harvest so it has a low alcohol content and its crisp and sour notes are meant to be enjoyed within a year after bottling.

Romantic Danube: Austria

Wine River Cruises With AmaWaterways

Austria’s’ famous wine region, Wachau Valley, is located along the Danube, between the towns Krems and Melk. It is filled with vines of the best Grüner Veltliners and Rieslings grape varieties, this region specializes in and produces the best dry white wines of the world. The Wachau Valley is equally famous for its apricots! During the spring, the Austria landscape is filled with blooming apricot trees. To delight in the best fruit the land has to offer, it’s best to visit during the harvest time in July and August, but with apricot jams, ice cream, strudels, and schnapps the delicious fruit is available at any time.

Combining interests and traveling will give you more in-depth and memorable experience. These four wine river cruises with AmaWaterways will give you the ability to experience your passions, accompanied by the memorable landscapes and the refined flavors of Europe.

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