Best Excursions For Foodies With Regent Cruises

Excursions For Foodies With Regent Cruises

For the well-traveled guest, Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers some of the best destination immersion shore excursions in the industry. For travelers who love food and want to go off the beaten path, Regent created Go Local Tours. These are designed to take you into local communities and experience their culture through their food. Many of them are part of the free unlimited shore excursions included in your cruise price. Here are 3 Go Local foodie tours you shouldn’t miss with Regent.

Cook Paella In Spain

Excursions For Foodies With Regent Cruises

Valencia, Spain is popular cruise port and is known as the City of Arts and Sciences. After absorbing a city full of architecture and history, Regent takes its guests to the outskirts of town to the small village of L’Horta. In this agricultural region, you will meet a family at a local farm and learn what ingredients are needed to make paella, a traditional Spanish rice meal, from their own land.

Excursions For Foodies With Regent Cruises

After, you’ll get the opportunity for a little hands-on cooking and learn how to make paella from scratch and the technique used to cook it in the outdoor wood furnace. Enjoy a relaxing time of chatting with the locals, and savor this traditional dish with a refreshing glass of sangria.

Drink With Locals In France

Excursions For Foodies With Regent Cruises

When traversing the coast of Europe on a Regent cruise, one of the port stops included is near . An enchanting French city, it is the wine capital of the world, producing over 700 million bottles of both common and luxury varieties of wine. Regent will take you deeper through medieval Bordeaux to the home of locals where you will cook a traditional recipe that has been handed down through the family.

You will learn about the ingredients and where to shop for them and which wine pairs best with the meal. Being in the heart of one of France’s most revered regions for food and wine, Bordeaux is an ideal setting to savor a meal with a local family.

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Bake Bread In Croatia

Excursions For Foodies With Regent Cruises

Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, is a popular stop on Mediterranean cruises with Regent. The Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is decorated with historical marble squares, cobblestone streets, and beautiful fountains. Go on a trip back in time to the villages of Ljuta and Cadmos where you learn about the time honored traditions of making flour, bread, and wool.

Excursions For Foodies With Regent Cruises

With water-powered mills and a reliance on traditional means, watch flour being ground and then how labor intensive the wool making process is. Then you will enjoy a demonstration of the traditional way in which Croatians used to the bake their bread under a cast-iron dome covered in hot embers. Following the demonstration, you will enjoy a Croatian snack.

Adventure off the beaten path away from the tourists and let Regent take you to the best local foodie experiences. Whether you visit a small village in Croatia or enjoy traditional paella in Spain, Regent’s Go Local Tours are the perfect way for cultural discovery in whatever destination you choose.

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