Brendan Vacations: Taking You Personally

While many of our partners offer cruises, tours, and vacations to all parts of the world, some of them have unique specializations. One of those partners is Brendan Vacations, the world’s leading authority on guided tours to Ireland and Scotland. For over 40 years, Brendan Vacations has combined top-quality customer service and years of travel industry experience with a strong, personal understanding of what makes these island nations truly magical to experience.

Brendan Vacations offers a wide variety of vacation packages, with elements carefully curated and hand-selected by their experts. Here are some of the types of vacations offered:

  • Guided Vacations are small group tours. Your tour will be led by a Travel Director with years of experience in the industry. Most of these tours travel by bus, and your Driver is similarly another valuable source of information and experience. At your destinations, you’ll get to meet Local Specialists who will show you around, and gain VIP Access to various tour destinations, getting special experiences you wouldn’t otherwise.
  • If you’d prefer privacy and luxury, a Private Chauffeur Vacation allows for both by giving you a luxury vehicle with a chauffeur to make a tour of the countryside. Brendan will customize your itinerary and accommodations to your needs and desires. Your chauffeur is also a local expert who can make suggestions and fill you in on the rich history of your destinations and sights. Stay in a wide range of accommodations, from boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts to castles.
  • If you want to immerse yourself a little more in local culture, you might consider a Locally Hosted Rail Vacation. Experience the warm Irish hospitality of having a local host to personally escort you around the city. Get exclusive, personalized tours that allow you to hand-select the locations you want to visit, if you wish. You’ll take the rail between cities, and each package allows you to immerse yourself in two, three, or even more of Ireland’s historic cities.
  • If you want a little more freedom to explore for yourself, and there’s nothing you like quite so much as a scenic drive, the Self-Drive Vacation is probably right for you. As part of the package, you’ll be given a variety of hand-selected accommodations, and a range of options from which to choose a rental car. You’re provided with breakfast and some pre-organized sightseeing, but outside of that, the open road, and the vast possibilities that lie along it, are yours. You can explore completely at your own pace.

Brendan Vacations brings a uniquely personal touch to touring Ireland and Scotland, thanks to lots of ability for the traveler to customize the vacation, local hosts and experts who will hand-pick your itinerary and accommodations based on your needs, and the expertise that comes with years of experience refining the personal vacation. If you’re interested in a tour with Brendan Vacations, visit or call 1-800-935-2620, and one of our experts will help you get the vacation you desire at the price you deserve.