Carnival Launches Ocean Medallion to Replace Keys, Wallets, Tickets

Carnival Cruises along with their sister company, Princess Cruises, are planning to release new wearable technology device, similar to Disney’s Magic, which allows cruise goers to streamline everything they do on board the ship. The new wearable device has been dubbed the “Ocean Medallion”, and is a little larger than the size of a quarter.

What Does the Ocean Medallion Do?

From unlocking your cabin door, to paying for any extras you buy on the ship, this Ocean Medallion can do it all.  It also keeps track of your past orders so that Carnival’s dining and bar staff can customize your meals and known your drink order without you even having to ask. It also has an optional feature to make it easy to share your location to your friends and family who are also on the ship. One of the most convenient features is it makes boarding and disembarking as simple as walking past a sensor.

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How Does the Ocean Medallion Work?

When you sign up for a cruise and establish your profile of your likes and dislikes. From there, you can opt-in for the Ocean Medallion free of charge. The company mails you the laser-etched disc with your name engraved on it. You can wear it around your wrist, on a chain necklace, or even just in your pocket. It works as part of a huge network of 7,000 sensors on board the ship.

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The best part is the new gadget is very user friendly. The device syncs with your smartphone app, Carnival’s Ocean Compass, via Bluetooth, or can be used without your smart phone on special kiosks on the ship or via in-room TVs. Carnival also says that there’s also no personal information stored on the Ocean Medallion itself, so there’s no risk that someone might try to hack it. If you happen to misplace your Medallion, just let a crew member know and they will disable your lost Ocean Medallion and get you a replacement.

The first ship with this new technology is set to sail in November 2017 with Carnival’s sister company, Princess Cruises on the Regal Princess ship. Ready to cruise into new technology? Check out Princess Cruises.