Employee Appreciation: Celebrating 5 & 10 Years of Employment

The travel industry is certainly not for the light hearted. Travel agents, travel consultants, travel planners – whatever you call us – at the end of the day we become friends. We become “that person” you go to when you catch the travel bug.

We are held to a higher standard because we get to know you and your family. We learn your habits, preferences and instinctively know when its you on the phone before we pick up the handset. Our reward is knowing you are 100% satisfied with your trip; that you’re journey brought you back home safe and with a new worldly perspective with more cherished memories and knowledge. ┬áIt is for that reason we do what we do.

AffordableTours.com has been in business since 1999. We have an amazing core of employees and we remain a family operated business. We hold onto our family values and proudly recognize our newest, most recent 5 & 10 year anniversaries of a few employees. We are absolutely proud and honored to have them and look forward to a strong future with them.