Contiki Vacations: Group Tours for Adults Age 18-35

If you’re a younger person, you may think serious travel, and long-term international vacation packages are just for older people, people well-off enough to afford the luxury of time away from work. Advertising may even lead you to believe this: Cruise commercials and vacation ads often show people in middle age or older, often married.

While all this might lead you to believe guided tours and other international vacations are out of your range, Contiki Vacations hopes to change your mind. The company specializes in group tours for younger travelers, and has cemented a reputation as the top tour provider for 18-to-35-year-olds.

Contiki has travel packages on five continents, with a wide variety of tours and trips on each one. Contiki offers group touring exclusively for those ages 18-35, as their mission is not only to show young people that fun, exciting travel is within their reach, but also to help them meet others with similar interests and connect over the travel experience.

Contiki offers eight different styles of tour packages, based on the kind of experience you want to have, and your travel destinations. The trips come in a wide variety: Some are long, and some are short; some are highly active, and some are at a more leisurely pace; some go in-depth in one location, and some try to cover as broad a range of locations as possible.

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The eight kinds of trips Contiki offers:

  • Discovery Plus. The Discovery Plus tours cover a wide list of locations, combining a focus on the most notable and famous attractions at each with enough free time to explore on your own.
  • High Energy. The high-energy tours are for people who like to stay active throughout the day and experience things. This includes daytime activities in the outdoors and exclusive parties, famous nightclubs, and the like at night, all with top-notch accommodations.
  • In-Depth Explorer. In some ways the opposite of Discovery Plus, these tours focus on fewer locations, but allow you to immerse yourself deeper in the local culture, giving you more time in each location to get to know a city and its locals.
  • Easy Pace. A counterpart to the High Energy tours, these operate at a slower pace for people who are looking to relax and not feel rushed. While these tours still cover many major attractions, their later start times and longer times spent at each location allow travelers to enjoy a more leisurely vacation.
  • Freestyle Camping. For the adventurous outdoorsman, these tours offer sight-seeing combined with hiking and camping out under the stars. Contiki provides a traveling cook and some camping facilities as well.
  • Sailing & Cruise. Contiki offers classic cruise vacations, with comfortable accommodations, stops at major ports with orientations provided, and ample time to relax on one’s own schedule.
  • Festivals & Short Stays. Contiki offers travel packages for people who want to attend specific events. If you’ve ever wanted to attend Oktoberfest in Munich or spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, these are the tours for you.
  • Winter & Ski. Winter trips tend to be in less demand and are cheaper than summer tours, so if you prefer winter weather or outdoor activities like skiing or snowboarding, Contiki offers great tours for you.

Contiki is a highly regarded, top provider of guided tours for adults ages 18-35. If you’re interested in knowing more about what they offer, visit or call 1-800-935-2620.