Cruise to the Caribbean This Summer

With its gorgeous beaches, crystal-blue waters, clear skies and sun,  the Caribbean is not only a picturesque backdrop for a tropical vacation, but a place where one can kick back and  unwind, relax, and forget about regular worries.

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The Caribbean

Just the name “The Caribbean” probably conjures up images of spectacular sunsets and sunrises, white-sand beaches, breathtaking beachfront views and complete tranquility. What you may not know is the sheer variety of experiences possible in the Caribbean. It’s a large area, comprising over 7,000 islands, each with their own geographic features– not to mention that such a vacation might take you places like Mexico and Venezuela, as well. For the purposes of travel, the Caribbean is generally divided into several regions:

– A cruise in the Eastern Caribbean will typically include the Lesser Antilles– both the       Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands– and will port in a number of island countries and territories. Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Puerto Rico, and Saint Lucia are among the ports a cruise in that region might stop.

– The Western Caribbean is generally comprised of the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Mexico. Of course, each of these has a number of cities and beaches where a cruise might port.

– A Southern Caribbean cruise will typically include places like the Netherlands Antilles (such as Aruba and Curacao), Trinidad and Tobago, and possibly La Guaira, Venezuela, the country’s largest port and the functional ocean outlet for the country’s capital and largest city, Caracas.

With such a variety of possible destinations, you can pack a lot of experiences into a Caribbean cruise. You could even take a second cruise and see completely new sights the second time around.

While the beaches are the most common image tropical islands bring to mind, the geography, and the activities you can participate in, go further than that. If you like ocean activities, you might check out the deep-sea fishing and scuba diving. If you’re more interested in inland activities, mountains and jungles provide great backdrops for nature tours, off-road excursions, and other exciting side trips. If culture is your bag, you might head into one of the cities for a guided tour, such as the Bob Marley tour in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Different cruise lines will offer cruises of different lengths and destinations, and depending on how you are traveling and whom with (solo, couples, families, small groups), certain cruise lines and ships will be more suited to your needs than others.

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