Cruise Travel Accommodations for People with Disabilities

Having a disability doesn’t have to preclude being able to take a cruise. With a little advanced research and planning, you can take a vacation where you can ensure all your needs are fully met and you won’t miss out on any part of the experience.

Information we’ve collected from experienced travelers suggest certain lines are better than others at accommodating guests with disabilities. Perhaps they have more or better cabins that suit specific needs, or offer a range of services that are not necessary but would be appreciated on a vacation. Depending on your particular needs or preferences, someone else’s favorite cruise line may not be the best cruise line for you. Knowing which cruise lines can make the accommodations you require and how much time you’ll need to prepare in advance will guarantee a smoother vacation experience.

Below is a brief outline of some of the aspects of cruising with a disability you’ll need to know about– perhaps even some you haven’t considered.

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Service Animals

Most cruise lines make some allowances for service animals. However, some do not, and the particular kind of service animal may be quite limited. For example, some cruise lines will only allow dogs for the visually impaired. Others will have a broader policy welcoming service animals, but will require advance notification to the cruise provider. This advanced notification can be made in as little as 72 hours in some cases, but other cruise lines require you provide your service animal’s certification as much as 30 days in advance, so if you choose one of these lines, make sure you do so as soon as possible.

Certain lines do not make any accommodations for pets or service animals of any kind. Be aware of this and look for alternatives  if you require a service animal. works with an extensive list of trusted and well known cruise lines that can accommodate most needs.

Certain Recommendations

Certain cruise lines have earned a reputation of providing particularly excellent service for guests with disabilities. This can be in part due to the crowds they cater to. Disney Cruise Line, long one of the top names in family-oriented cruises, extends that philosophy to making sure that children with disabilities can still participate in a full range youth-oriented onboard activity. Holland America’s clientele tend to be of a more mature age, so they are particularly attuned to the mobility and accessibility challenges today’s seniors face. You can book cruises on both of these lines at

Every cruise line offers a wide range of specific services and accommodations; call us at 1-800-627-3753 and our cruise consultants can help you find out what’s right for you.

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Other Things to Think About

The best thing you can do is be informed. Before booking a cruise line, visit its website to find out more about the ship itself, and what kind of accommodations it provides for people with disabilities and other special needs. Make sure you find out whether the cruise’s shore excursions are accessible as well. Booking early and informing the cruise line of your needs as soon as possible is the best way to have them met.

Of course, having an expert to help you will make finding the accommodations best suited to your personal needs substantially easier. They have already done this research and have years of experience guiding their recommendations. Visit to get in touch with one of our travel experts who can work with you personally to customize your vacation, our cruise specialists will get you the answers you need.