Destination Spotlight: Ireland & The Gathering Presents Destination Spotlight: Ireland & The Gathering

Ever wanted to learn how to Riverdance? Or see how Jameson is made? Or are you just fond of Ireland and Irish culture in general? The Gathering may be the place for you, and AffordableTours can take you there.

The Gathering is the name for the year-long celebration of all things Irish that takes place all across the Emerald Isle. The Gathering is actually a collection of many smaller, local events, also called Gatherings, which take place all across the country and celebrate different aspects of Irish culture. If you have any interest at all in Irish culture, there will be something here for you.

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You could, for example, attend the Kilkenny School Irish Dance Workshop in Galway in August. The school, based in The Hague, Netherlands, will be sending its dancers to Ireland for their workshop and Gathering. The event promises not only to teach its participants about dance but to also take them on a week-long tour through West Ireland.

If Irish music is more your scene, the Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival, a four-day event celebrating Ireland’s favorite son of the rock and blues guitar, takes place at the end of May. Past festivals have included performances by members of the Rolling Stones, Whitesnake, and Thin Lizzy. The festival takes place in Ballyshannon, Gallagher’s hometown.

If you are interested in a more general chance to take in traditional Irish culture, you have several more options. The weeklong Kilcar Gathering Feile Ceoil Chill Chartha will give you a chance to explore all facets of Irish culture, from song and dance and traditional music, to crafts and workshops where you can learn to play instruments and dance in the traditional Irish fashion. The Kilcar Gathering takes place in Kilcar in early August. Of course, it is far from the only celebration of local culture. If you’d prefer something earlier in the season, and would like to take a look at Northwest Ireland, the Cos Cos Sean Nos Festival takes place in Drumcliffe, and this year it kicks off on May 6 with a pageant to commemorate St. Columcille.

Interested in meeting people? The Valentia Isle Festival takes place in September on Valentia Island off the southwest coast. Besides local music, food, and arts and crafts, the festival offers “match making activities” for those of you seeking your very own Wild Irish Rose, or just looking to make friends.

Perhaps you love the natural beauty of Ireland’s coasts and greenery—it is, after all, called the Emerald Isle for a reason—and want a chance to do something sporting in the outdoors. In that case, you might be interested in the Coastal Cancer Challenge, a charity race in Donegal County which combines running, cycling, kayaking, and mountain hiking. The Coastal Cancer Challenge takes place in July.

If you want to get outdoors, but aren’t up for the physical rigors of the CCC, the Galway Golf Tour might be more to your liking. This weeklong gathering starts September 1 and consists of daily rounds of golf at six different courses in Galway County, with a final dinner and dance at the end. It’s the perfect event for someone who wants to have a relaxing week outside.

There’s something for everyone at The Gathering. Whether you love song and dance, the outdoors, food and drink, or arts and crafts, at least one of the Gatherings this year will be to your liking. No matter what time of year you’d like to plan your vacation, the Gathering will have an event for you, and AffordableTours can take care of your travel planning. Whatever your tastes and budget, has the travel package to accommodate you. Whether you just want to make a short visit to one event, or stay several weeks and soak up the Irish culture, AffordableTours can make sure your stay in Ireland is a memorable one.

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