Exciting Developments with Uniworld in 2014

Uniworld has a reputation of being the world’s only boutique cruise line. They’ve earned this reputation over the years through their specialty river cruises, a luxury option for people who want to tour the interior mainlands of Europe and other destinations in style.  They’ve been able to do this thanks to their partnership with Red Carnation Hotels, a collection of five-star boutique hotels which allow Uniworld to maintain the same level of award-winning hospitality at every stop on their river cruises.

In 2014, however, Uniworld is expanding its offerings, with new ships and tours to be available to vacationers who want a world-class experience. Read on to see what Uniworld has planned.


Uniworld is unveiling a brand new super-ship for 2014. The S.S. Catherine measures 443 feet long, with three full decks, and has a capacity of 159 passengers, keeping in line with Uniworld’s philosophy of carrying fewer passengers than competing ships, to maximize the luxury experience. Catherine will debut in France, offering cruises on the Seine and Rhone rivers, passing through Burgundy and Provence.


Uniworld will begin offering a line of all-inclusive fare packages for its European fleet in 2014. One of the key niceties about a luxury cruise is peace of mind, and all-inclusive fares provide that. When you don’t have to worry about little charges adding up to cost you much more than you’d planned on your trip, you can rest easy and enjoy yourself. With that in mind, Uniworld’s new all-inclusive fares will go a long way toward that peace of mind: All gratuities and beverages will be included in the new fare packages.


As France continues to be one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, so has Uniworld expanded its itineraries to feature more vacations through France. In particular, Uniworld is offering two new itineraries through the Bordeaux region:

  • “Bordeaux, Vineyards, and Chateaux”
    is an eight-day river cruise through Aquitaine, sailing along the region’s three rivers, the Garonne, the Dordogne, and the Gironde. The cruise’s itinerary is a delightful celebration of France’s food and drink: Among other things, the cruise includes an onboard meal created by French Master Chef Philippe Etchebest. The stops along the way also include a wide variety of famed local cuisine, where you’ll have the opportunity to sample such delicacies as duck confit, caviar d’Aquitaine, and oysters. Of course, no vacation through the region would be complete without a sampling of the world-famous Bordeaux wines, and the cruise includes several stops for wine tastings and visits to wine cellars as well.
  • “A Portrait of Majestic France”
    is a fifteen-day cruise that covers a much broader scope of the country. You’ll travel the same three rivers of the Aquitaine, as well as the Seine, while making stops in Paris, Normandy, and Bordeaux, among other places. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to sample the local food and wine, as well as visiting the famed cities and picturesque landscapes of one of Western Europe’s oldest and finest cultures.

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Photos courtesy of Uniworld.com

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