Fairytale Castles You’ll Want To Visit Right Now

Touring fairytale castles is the perfect way to learn the history of a destination with a twist!

Alcázar de Segovia 

The Alcazar in Spain is between the rivers Clamores and Eresma in Old Town of Segovia. The town of Segovia and the aqueduct were named a UNESCO site in 1985. It is also rumored that this grand castle served as the inspiration for Cinderellas’ castle.


King Ludwig II started with a vision of a simple getaway residence in southwest Germany. However, his dream became more ambitious until the castle was four floors high and full of expensive halls and luxurious rooms. Almost seven weeks after King Ludwig II’s death, the castle opened to the public and is now one of the most visited attractions in the country. This idyllic German castle may have also inspired Disneys’ Sleeping Beauty castle.

Bran Castle

Romania has many ghost stories and myths, but the legend of Count Dracula is perhaps the most famous. The novel of Dracula sparked the curiosity of many due to the resemblance between Dracula’s castle and Bran Castle, and the fictitious character to Vlad the Impaler. After serving as a fortress, the home of the royal family, and after several reparations, the castle opened to the public as a museum.

Matsumoto Castle 

Matsumoto castle is one of the five original castles in Japan. Also known as Crow Castle because of its all-black design, the monument exhibits elegance and traditional Japanese architecture. The six-story building has the Japanese Alps in the background and its all-wood interior is a unique sight.

These landmarks hold hundreds, even thousands of years of history. Even if we can’t promise there’ll be magic, these fairytale castles are worth visiting.

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