Five Destinations CIE Travels To That Aren’t Ireland

For all tours to Ireland, people know the best option is CIE Tours. Just like their Ireland journeys, their additional tours are just as memorable. CIE Tours travels to multiple destinations all over Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, and many more.


The beauty of Iceland is in its nature, and CIE makes it easy to discover all of it. You can visit the Gullfoss Waterfall, Strokkur Geysir, the Ring of Kerry, and the famous Cliffs of Moher. There is always time for a private tour of Reykjavik and some rest and relaxation at the Blue Lagoon hot springs. If you travel from September to April, CIE offers the best views of the Northern Lights aboard a boat on their Northern Lights Quest of Iceland tour.


Experience the exclusive, 5-star luxury small ships of CIE while cruising the Croatian coast and its islands. There will be many stops on the itinerary to enjoy your stay on land, and lots of time to enjoy the Mediterranean beach. CIE has knowledgeable tour guides that will take you to the UNESCO sites of Old Town of Dubrovnik and Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Plus, many other landmarks and hidden gems of Croatia.


Admiring the art of the Accademia Gallery, touring the Colosseum, and taking a gondola ride in Venice is a travelers dream. With CIE, you can do all three and much more when you explore Rome, Florence, and Venice in one of their Taste of Italy tours. Apart from visiting the famous Italian cities, there are also 3 different dining experiences throughout the tour and many local food discoveries at every stop. You can cross off all your Italy bucket list experiences.


In Moscow, walk the Red Square and witness St. Basil Cathedral. Tour the Kremlin and admire the Armory Chamber, which holds thousands of exhibits of armor, jewels, and artwork. With CIE, travelers take a SAPSAN train, the fastest train system from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Once at the cultural port city, tour the six buildings of the Hermitage, full of history and luxurious architecture.

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Home to one of the largest cosmopolitan cities, England is a popular vacation destination. If you book with CIE, you can even celebrate New Year’s in the iconic city. With CIE Tours, you get the unique experience of a vintage train ride at Goathland Station, portrayed as Hogsmeade Station in the first Harry Potter movie. Travel outside of London to tour the UNESCO site Stonehenge and visit the royal residence of Windsor Castle.

These five destinations CIE Tours travels to are perfect for your next dream vacation. With private tours of important landmarks and enough time in all itineraries to explore the city in-depth, CIE is the best option for any destination.

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