Get Ready for Floriade 2012!

There are events that occur annually that you might really enjoy every now and then and there are events that occur every couple of years that you may make a point to attend.  Then, there are certain events that happen every, say, 10 years that are just simply amazing. The Floriade is exactly that.  This international celebration of horticulture and nature is an amazing experience that happens once every decade.  I guarantee you will want to be in Venlo from April 5th to October 7th.


Floriade is a World Horticultural Expo which began in 1960 held in Rotterdam.  The goal of the Dutch Horticultural Council was for it to be a “major cross-sector horticultural exhibition that will attract both national and international attention.”  This first event attracted over 3 million visitors and Floriade was declared a resounding success. The second Floriade was held in Amsterdam in 1972.  At the time, this expo was the busiest in the world.  Between the months of March and October, a record breaking 5 million visitors came to enjoy this celebration of nature and culture. Although in different show grounds, the locations were linked together by train.  In 1982, Floriade was held at modern day Gassperplas Park in south-east Amsterdam.  Some elements of the exhibitions are still there to this day!  For the 1992 exhibition, Floriade was moved to Zoetermeer and attracted 3.3 million guests, one million of whom came from abroad.  It is estimated almost 30% of all tourists who visited the Netherlands during this period came specifically for Floriade, meaning the word about Floriade had been spread.  Haarlemmermeer was the location for 2002’s Floriade.  This event drew in 2.1 million visitors worldwide.

Floriade 2012

Fast-forward to today and Floriade is on track to be the biggest global spectacle yet.  Held in Venlo from April 5th to October 7th, organizers have setup over the top exhibitions and attractions for everyone to enjoy. With “Nature’s Theatre” as their theme this year, you can be sure there is a great show planned. This year, the exhibition will be held on 66 hectares (163 acres) with 5 uniquely themed worlds separated by wooded areas.  Each world will be unique from each other and you will be able to see and experience nature in different ways. They will each have their own décor, program and activities.  Immerse yourself in nature and participate in the elements and festivities that surround you and have been transformed into the Floriade. Relax and Heal in the colorful and vibrant flower city of the Floriade Stadspark or experience the extraordinary energy that is released from the Feel Good Garden. There is surely something amazing to be seen by everyone who attends.

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See Photos of The Making of Floriade 2012

Sneak Preview of the Park