General Tours World Traveler is now Alexander + Roberts

One of our partners in global travel will soon be known by a new name. General Tours World Traveler has chosen to re-brand with a name that reflects the quality of their service and the personal touch they provide to each customer. The company has announced it will adopt Alexander+Roberts as its new global brand name, and, as its new slogan, “Original Journeys since 1947.”

The name Alexander+Roberts comes from a combination of the names of founder Alexander Harris and current president Robert Drumm, reflecting both the company’s long history with providing global travel and its updated, modern approach for the 21st century – while emphasizing the personal.

The name General Tours has served the company well: Founded in 1947, the name was chosen to reflect the titans of business success at the time, companies like General Electric, General Motors, and General Dynamics. Drumm himself had this to say about the name change: “General Tours was the perfect name for the time, and it’s served us well for nearly 70 years. But now we need a brand that speaks to our unique offerings, our distinctive personality and the demands of today’s traveler.”

Those “unique offerings” and “distinctive personality” are reflected in a number of ways. The company has always been responsive to the needs of its guests, largely guiding its decisions by customer feedback. General Tours was the first company to limit its small group tours to a maximum of 16 guests, to provide guests with the personal attention and intimacy of travel service they indicated they wanted, for example.

It’s that responsiveness that will characterize Alexander+Roberts as a global touring brand, just as it has characterized General Tours in the past. During research for the company’s rebranding, though, they found that the upscale travel agents who sell their tours and the travelers who buy them didn’t necessarily associate the brand name with the qualities they valued in the company:

  • Innovation. The company provides unique and original itineraries you won’t find anywhere else, traveling into and through exotic locations worldwide.
  • Personability. The small tour sizes and the increased offerings of upscale private tours are direct responses to customer feedback, and the company prides itself on its experience and expertise in creating personal journeys.
  • Authenticity. At every destination, the company partners with native-born guides who are fluent in conversational English to provide opportunities for guests to engage with the local culture and really learn what life in the locale is like.

Drumm had this to say about the results of the research, “We’ve always tried to understand and anticipate our guests’ needs, so these results didn’t surprise us, but our research also revealed a disconnect between the qualities which travelers like about us and a corporate brand that didn’t speak to these key attributes.” For a company that provided unique and specific tours, the name General Tours was too, well, general. Alexander + Roberts better indicates the innovation and personal touch found in the company’s travel packages.

You can view the company’s updated look and new logo for yourself at their new website,,  and you can book a global tour with them at the best price possible by visiting

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