Getting the “Insider Experience” in Italy with Trafalgar Tours

Some people like to take vacations without a real plan in mind: They want to be open to experiencing whatever strikes them on a given day. That can be a fine, spontaneous way to travel.

On the other hand, having a plan and some guidance can really help you get the most out of your time on a trip. Vacations can’t last forever, and you don’t want to have any days where you don’t have anything to do, or any regrets about missing something special. The “Trafalgar Insider Experience” is a great way to do that, as Trafalgar Tours can provide you with a number of unique experiences, based on their use of local guides and their travel directors’ years of experience.

The Trafalgar Insider Experience

rafalgar’s Insider Experience is a feature of their travel packages which gives the tourist access to Trafalgar’s experts all around the globe. Trafalgar’s First Class travel packages are truly special in their ability to provide unique local experiences for each destination on your itinerary. Here are some examples of what the Trafalgar Experience can offer you.

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Dine in Local Fashion

With the Be My Guest program, you have an opportunity to truly experience cuisine in the manner of the locals. You’ll be a guest in local homes, family farms, and will be served a home-cooked meal with fresh, local ingredients. You’ll be able to sample both the small local dining experiences that aren’t on the typical tourist itinerary . You’ll be able to have a meal in the true fashion of the locals– because it will be prepared by them, just like they eat every day. Among two of the options in travel packages to Italy are Casa Esposito in Bay of Sorrento, where you can visit the Esposito family’s lemon groves, try their Limoncello, and eat a home cooked meal; you could also visit Fattoria di Maiano, where you can tour the olive groves before having an authentic Italian dinner and a Chianti.

Authentic Experiences with Local Guides

aving a local guide, someone familiar with all the intricacies and unique features of a city, can be essential to getting the most out of your stay. Trafalgar has local guides in Rome, Florence, Verona, Milan, and many other cities. With a Trafalgar travel package, you’ll be able to tour each city’s destinations that are off the typical vacation agenda, the places where the locals know the real authentic experiences are.

Local Specialties Offer Added Value and Pizazz

Trafalgar’s Local Specialties can give you a chance to experience and sample authentic local products and study the process of what they make. Wineries, distilleries, bakeries, chocolatiers, and the like are featured in Trafalgar’s packages. While in Italy, you could visit Giudecca Island in Venice, for example, and take a look at some Venetian arts and crafts, including their famous glass-blowers. You can visit a ham and cheese museum in Parma, the city that gives Parma ham (prosciutto) and Parmesan cheese their names.

Take Advantage of Local Expert Knowledge

You can also schedule visits with Trafalgar’s Local Experts. These aren’t the same as the local guides; they won’t take you on a tour of the whole city, but they are experts on a particular area of history or culture surrounding the city, and will take you on a related tour in great detail. In Italy, that might mean an expert on the ancient Romans, or an expert on the Medici’s reign from Florence in Tuscany, or someone who can teach you the history of Venice and its canals.

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Don’t Miss Hidden Treasures

Trafalgar’s experts also know where a city’s best-kept secrets lie. You can watch this video for information on Trafalgar’s Hidden Treasure in San Francisco. (Why San Francisco? Well, we wouldn’t want to spoil Italy’s secrets for you.)

If you want to take time on your vacation to see something you can’t see anywhere else, Trafalgar’s tour packages include visits to each locale’s unique features and one-of-a-kind sights. In Italy, you might drop into the town of Maranello to see the Ferrari Museum, or you might visit the botanical gardens of Villa Taranto on Lake Maggiore.

Italy’s a wonderful country with many historical sights, gorgeous geography, and a rich history of food and drink. Any traveler can find so much to see and do there that it can be overwhelming. Let plan your next trip, and let Trafalgar show you the best of what’s around.

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