Go off the Beaten Path with Gate 1 Travel

Gate 1 Travel is a value tour company that specializes in keeping tours affordable for travelers who may be working within a budget. Their popularity has been rising lately thanks to an ability to do this while keeping customers happy. Their latest package of offerings, Discovery Tours, offers local expeditions and unique experiences. Keep reading to find out more about the Discovery Tours offerings.

Gate 1 is offering Discovery Tours to appeal to people who are looking for something beyond a typical sightseeing tour. More than anything, Discovery Tours takes people “off the beaten path” to really explore a culture and its local surroundings. Here are five ways Gate 1 makes that possible:

Small groups

Everything starts with the group size. All of the tours through the Discovery line have a maximum of 18 passengers on board. This allows for a more intimate and personal experience for the tour-goer. In addition, the group as a whole will have opportunities a larger one would not: Certain unique experiences (for just one example, in-home dinners) would be impossible to create with a larger group. Similarly, a group of a small size can easily decide to change their itinerary and join into any local goings-on that can accommodate them. The small groups allow the flexibility for the tour to provide unique and spontaneous experiences.

Unique accommodations

You won’t be staying at any cookie-cutter resorts or chain hotels. You’ll get not only your share of boutique hotels in certain towns and cities, but lodgings unique to each location and culture. In Ireland, you may stay one night in a castle. In Morocco, you might retire to a luxury tent in the desert. In Burma, you’d stay in a 25-room teak hotel. Each stop on your tour will have a place for you to stay that is welcoming and unique to the culture.

More included features

While there will still be plenty of time for you to explore on your own, Discovery Tours include more programs and guided tours than other, similar tours. These programs have been selected to provide you with a more authentic local experience, rather than just visiting the “touristy” stops along the way. In addition, your small group size allows the tour to book sights and locations that would not be accessible to larger groups of people.

Cultural immersion

Discovery Tours’ goal is to provide unique, “off the beaten path” experiences, and delving fully into the local culture is a great way to do so. You’ve read already about how the group sizes and included features make that possible: You can have more in-depth tours than a larger group would be able to take, you can have in-home meals with a local family, and the like. One tour allowed travelers to visit a school in Peru and bond with the children. It’s that kind of reaching across the cultural gap to find our shared humanity that makes Discovery Tours special.

If all this sounds like something you’d like, visit AffordableTours.com to book one of Gate 1 Travel’s Discovery Tours.

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