Introducing Air Tours: A Break-Through Concept in Touring

Imagine a private plane to take you to all of your tour destinations, not having to wait on a transfer bus to go from city to city, before your sightseeing can begin. That’s where the innovation of Air Tours truly shines. Hours usually spent on transfer bus rides have now been replaced with just minutes aboard a private flight. It minimizes your travel time to get from city to city and it maximizes your time to see and experience the sights on your trip.

How It Works

Your journey will begin at a private airport getting ready to board a chartered plane reserved specifically for a small number of air tour passengers. Then your bags are tagged, your IDs checked, and you begin to board. There is no hassle with waiting in line for baggage check-in or extra baggage fees like you may normally go through at any local or international airports. During your short flight, an attendant will serve snacks and beverages aboard the plane. After you land, you will find a deluxe motor coach just 100ft planeside. Now you are ready to enjoy sightseeing and touring all over the city with your travel host.

Your day is spent enjoying the city attractions and dining at authentic restaurants. Breakfast and dinners are included in your package.  And by the time your day is done, you will be taken back to your hotel where you will find your luggage already there waiting for you. The next day, your luggage will be picked up and you head to the airport to board your flight to your next destination and another amazing touring experience.

This truly is a breakthrough in touring and pioneers a new way of traveling—VIP style without the added cost.  All private flights to your tour destinations, transfers to and from hotels, and breakfasts and dinners are included in one revolutionary packaged deal. With Air Tours, you receive a more luxurious travel experience plus more time in each destination without adding to the cost of your trip!

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