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Take A Tour Vacation: has  put together a list of the top five tour destinations in 2014. These are the locations that our travelers most frequently visit when purchasing a vacation package, and they’re popular for a reason. Keep them in mind when you’re looking to book your next vacation with

Top Tour Destinations According to Our Travelers
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Take a Cruise Vacation:
A cruise can be a nice change of pace from a traditional vacation. Cruise ships have top-notch amenities and high levels of service, so you won’t have to worry about needing something you can’t find or leaving something behind at home– your needs will be well cared for.

Top Cruise Destinations According to Our Travelers
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Take  A River Cruise Vacation:
River cruise vacations have rapidly increased in popularity in recent years. A river cruise allows the traveler to enjoy the luxuries of a cruise ship, while also seeing many of the cultural sights one would on an inland tour.  In some parts of the world, like Southeast Asia, a river cruise be the only way to see certain cities, cultures, and natural features.

Top European Rivers According to Our Travelers
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