Why We Love Cosmos Tours

For the value-minded traveler who wants to enjoy the benefits of escorted travel, while still having plenty of free time to independently explore your destination, Cosmos is ready to be your guide. Cosmos is a part of the Globus family of brands and specializes in budget friendly, packaged travel arrangements. They are known for their knowledgeable Tour Directors, flexible itineraries and convenient transportation solutions. See why traveling with Cosmos on a European guided tour will exceed your expectations.

Tour Directors

It’s not just the places that make a journey incredible, it’s also the people. Every Cosmos tour has a personalized Tour Director to lead you on your trip. A Tour Director is a friendly expert who lives and breathes your destination. They truly bring all the landscapes and architecture to life by telling you the fascinating stories behind them. With Cosmos, you can keep your nose out of a travel book and your eyes off the map and actually appreciate the wonderful sites and culture that traveling is famous for.

Travel The World, With Cosmos

Personalization and Free time

No one enjoys a vacation where every second is spent on a schedule. Cosmos builds free time into every itinerary so travelers can enjoy plenty of independent exploring time. Ask your Tour Directors and Local Guides for their suggestions on things to see, what to do, and where to eat. Cosmos also lets you enhance your vacation with optional excursions that interest you. Whether you enjoy art, music, food, wine, or history, Cosmos gives you the freedom to truly personalize your trip. Also, most Cosmos itineraries schedule longer stays in cities, which is perfect for travelers who want to truly immerse themselves in the local culture.

Lowest Prices On Cosmos Vacations!


One of the conveniences of traveling with Cosmos is they take care of all your transportation needs while you are on your tour. You never have to worry about getting to the complicated bus transfer on time, standing in lines to buy a train ticket or having to spend all your cash on taxis around town.  For your convenience, Cosmos brings your group around to different destinations and cities in the comfort of a private, first class motor coach. Most of the coaches have free Wi-Fi, so you can still use your phones or tablets while traveling. Plus, the transportation is included in the package price so you can relax and enjoy the views.

A Cosmos tour will maximize your sightseeing and your free time to insure you have an unparalleled vacation experience. Get ready to explore the colorful places that will transform your visit into a lasting memory. So, start packing today and let Cosmos turn your travel dreams into reality.

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