What’s A National Geographic Journeys Tour with G Adventures Like?

National Geographic Journeys Tours with G Adventures  are an exclusive collection of unique tours designed to take you deeper into the cultures and habitats of the places they explore. When traveling with Nat Geo Journeys, travelers will receive more inclusions, greater hands-on exploration, interactions with local experts, and the freedom to roam, all within the structure and security of being a part of a small group. Each trip is an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of National Geographic-supported wildlife researchers, historians and nature conservationist. Here is an overview of why you should go on a National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures.

Culturally Immersive Connections

Each tour has a Nat Geo Journeys exclusive experience to give you insider access to people or projects. Imagine learning about our world through unique interactive experiences with local experts like historians, marine biologists, photographers, Buddhist monks, and local chefs. Popular experiences are visiting a cheetah conservation in Namibia and traveling to Martillo Island to explore the rookery, home to 1,000 penguins.

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Unique Accommodations

When traveling with National Geographic Journeys, you won’t sacrifice comfort when roaming the planet. Accommodations are upgraded from a traditional G Adventures tour and are selected for how well they represent the distinct character of the destination. Some of these rooms and cabanas draw their inspiration from history and others from the views they offer. Only with Nat Geo Journeys tours, you can spend the night in a Jordanian dessert camp or even a converted fort in India. What’s consistent, is that each and every accommodation will add to your experience.

Included Local Meals

National Geographic Journeys offer more included meals than other travel styles with G Adventures. Enjoy the perfect mix of fine dining in excellent, regional cuisine restaurants, to hearty home-cooked feasts with local families. Depending on your location, your meals can be street-food crawls or whatever is fresh at the local market. Be prepared for culinary adventures of all sorts.

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Local Transportation

Get more time to spend in the places you are visiting when traveling with Nat Geo Journeys. Instead of wasting time waiting in line for buses and trains, relax knowing that all internal flights and rides on private vehicles are included with your trip. To help travelers better connect to with the destination, transportation vehicles that are native to the lands will be used whenever possible. When riding on transportation you can’t find at home, like a tuk tuk or a river boat, you’ll remember the destination forever.

Skilled And Passionate CEOs

Each tour is led by an expert CEO, Chief Experience Officer, responsible for offering local insights, pursing great experiences as they happen, and adding a unique and personal perspective to every adventure. Since they know the destination intimately, they’ll be able to answer all your questions about the area and even be able to offer recommendations on what to see and do during free time or where to eat during solo meals.

Travelling with National Geographic Journeys is the ideal combination of fun, rawness, and exploration with flexibility, convenience, and the occasional indulgence. It’s a unique experience to be with local experts to forge incredible learning opportunities. National Geographic Journeys will deliver the ideal blend of must-see highlights, hands-on exploration, free time and opportunities to mark true connections with the people and places you visit.